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Final Album Artwork……

Hey-Ho…..  Just thought you might like to see what the final cover for the new “Kelvinators” album is gonna look like…..  Jek is the North West U.S. distributor…..  S-o-o-o, Anon, and a few others that I promised copies to – If you don’t have them in about a week or so, Chase him down or […]

Anyone Disagree?

It’s Comin’ Soon!……

The new (and first) CD by the “Kelvinators” is about to be released!……  The title will be “Hot Water Rinse”…… Within the next week or so – or so?……  You know how it goes…….  Lots of old covers with new twists……  Of course, Music is a personal taste, so you may LOVE it or HATE […]

This is becoming too frequent…. 2014 is a drag.

Unfortunately, it’s not Beiber, Gaga, Kanye, or even Jane Fonda…. just read that Oklahoman and screen great James Garner passed away Saturday at 86, of natural causes. I liked reruns of Maverick and The Great Escape. I liked watching him in the Rockford Files, though I never understood why Rockford bothered to try, or how […]

Winter has now come and gone…..

Not being a smart ass – but, I was just informed that Johnny Winter just passed away…..  I know no other details, and have to make an appointment that I can’t get out of……  If any of the Community knows anything else to add – DO IT!…..  THE BLUES JUST RAINED LIKE HAIL! (MR)……

Um, so yeah…. I found this…. not sure how….

OK, some people can’t let go of pets. I get that. Some people go a little crazy over their pets. I get that. This one, I’m not sure of…. is it sad that I kinda like it?   Dutch Artist Bart Jansen had a cat named Orville, which ran across a street once too often […]

Who says electronic music can’t be cool?

Sorry for the deluge of links, but I found this on my web wanderings and thought it was just amazing. What if Nikola Tesla formed a rock band, you ask? Well, a lot of geeks have been fiddling around to give us the answer. Tesla coils usually function above the audible range, but someone discovered […]

Jimi Never Ceases……

…..  to amaze me!…….  Officially Postmarked on 13MAR14, Jimi joined a number of talented, original artists that have no equals……  If this screwed-up World of ours would pay just a small, slight minute passing attention to the words of our musicians instead of our crooked, coneivening, stealing, bs’ing, lying, corrupt worthless Politicians, we might just […]

Book Report: Seductive Poison

Cult [kuhlt] noun 1. a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies. 2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult. 3. the object of such devotion. 4. a group or sect bound together by veneration […]

Oddity from the web….

It’s crazy how much survives from ’60s sci-fi. Found a reference the other day to an auction from a couple years ago. Details are sketchy, but I think this went for about $28,000. Looking a bit worse for wear, Balok is still around….   Reminds me of the discovery and restoration of the prop from […]

New Pink Floyd Album…..

Just heard it on the news!……  Dave’s wife made the announcement – The name will be “The Endless River”……  Supposedly, based on some Rick Wright stuff recorded way back in 1994……  Pretty cool that we’re now hearing musical news about my generations musical Icons on TV…..  Who would have thought?……  Also, Mr. Paulie (as in […]

Yeah, It’s 4th of July Again!….

Sorry ’bout the lack of enthusiasm, but it seems it was just the 4th a few days ago – Time is passing w-a-y too fast!……  Also, My 240SX, which I have never had a speck of trouble out of, decided that it just doesn’t want to start any more!…..  No previous indications/warnings of any problems….. […]

Hignose movie reviews #3

Doing a two-fer of the weirder side of music fandom this time. One is a favorite cult film of mine, the other is more of an indie  “What the hell did I just watch?”   1. Bubba Ho-Tep Finally, the true story of Elvis’ last days comes out! This movie not only has Bruce Campbell, […]

As I get on the 707….. horsepower!

Well this is enough to make one drool….. Dodge just announced the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat. The numbers look more impressive than the new Corvettes: 6.2L supercharged Hemi with 707hp, 650 ft/lbs of torque, hooked to an 8-speed Torqueflite or a modified Viper 6-speed manual. Styling goodies include a ’71-inspired interior and rear lights, T/A […]