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Russians find a ’67 Hemi Belvedere in a barn…..

Ok, so I may have misidentified the vehicle at first glance, it’s an understandable mistake. It’s actually a bit more bad-ass than climbing into some dusty Hamtramck steel, turning a key, and blowing a dead squirrel out of an exhaust pipe. What they did salvage, was a Hitler-thumpin’, 152mm howitzer-totin’, Wermacht-squishin’ 50-ton ISU-152 tank destroyer […]

Ike The Soothsayer

Remember, Ike also warned of the dangers of  an all powerful military.

Goodbye Robo.

Friends. If you look right above this post you will see the Map of our little Community. You will see the “LSDROBO Military Reservation” Many of you know what and who that refers to. Earlier this week I learned that our community member and my friend LSD Robo or better known as Robert D. Brinsfield […]