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RIP. George Carlin

We have just learned of the passing of George Carlin on Sat the 21st. Goodbye Professor George, we hardly knew you.

I Me Mine……

All through the day I me mine, I me mine, I me mine. All through the night I me mine, I me mine, I me mine. Now they’re frightened of leaving it Everyone’s weaving it, Coming on strong all the time, All through the day I me mine. All I can hear I me mine, […]

Lucky 13……

I figure today’s got to be my Lucky Day…… The norm for me comes from the old blues line, “If it wasn’t for Bad Luck, I’d have no Luck at all”….. So, everybody else, watch your step and be careful, and have a safe Friday the 13th…… I’m going to have a great day!….. (Owww, […]

DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so……Manure

Did you know that the word “manure” comes from the French “main-oeuvre” and means hard work. I didn’t think so. Also, tillage by manual labor and today a dressing applied to lands. Confirms what I always thought. Hard work is a bunch of crap.;

MR’s De-Evo Quiz-e-O….

May I present to you: The Quiz ( You know the rules, bah-bah-bah, etc): 1. Where did the Hatfields and McCoys live? 2. What are the highest and lowest elevations in the United States? 3. How do you tell the age of a fish? 4. How do archer fish “shoot” their victims? 5. What is […]

New Quiz Anyone?…….

Anyone up for a new Quiz in the next day or so?……. Current Point Standings: Zook: Twenty-Six and One-Half (26.5) Points J.J.: Twenty-Six (26) Points HuskySooner: Twenty-Two and One-Quarter (22.25) Points Anon: Twenty and One-Half (20.5) Points Izard: Nine (9) Points TTop: Three (3) Points Jek: One and One-Half (1.5) Points

Responsible Reporting?….

I don’t think so!….. Here’s a news story that ran on local TV over the past week that should have never been broadcast…… “Due to the high cost of fuel, thieves are now drilling holes in the bottoms of gas tanks with cordless drills in order to steal gas”….. Why do I think this is […]