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Ice, Snow, and No Electricity…..

I know, It’s the same old bitch about the electric companies again…… We’re in an ongoing Freezing Rain/Ice/Sleet/Snow storm right now, and, the power outages are already above the 150,000 mark….. In the 2007 Ice Storm over 600,000 were without power, and, some areas did not have power restored for over 4 WEEKS!….. According to […]

National “Bubble Wrap” Day…..

Yep, the last Monday in January has been named “Bubble Wrap Day”…… Originally designed to be used as wallpaper, yes, wallpaper!….. Some of that late ’50’s futuristic look of the future due to the intense interest in space travel mixed the fear of nuclear Holocaust with the Cold War going on with Russia….. As we […]

Cheeto on a String

Thanksgiving 2009 This summer I hung this Cheeto on the tree to fool a crow. (It did. He grabbed it in midair and came up short on the string. Never tried it again) I left it hanging. It made it through Thanksgiving and now into the new decade. The orange color turned to black and […]

Musicial Coaches…..

As most of you know, I don’t follow sports that much, but, it seems to me that there was an extraordinarily huge number of firing and hiring of coaches – both college and pro – this year….. Has the “WIN or you’re outta here” philosophy kicked (field goal – 3 pts.) in or what?…… I […]

Album Titles

Ever wonder what was behind the title of a particular album

Earthquakes, Anyone?…..

The earthquake in Haiti got me to thinking….. There’s a small town called Jones about 4 miles from where I live….. Usually they have 2 to 3 small earthquakes a year – about a 2.0 to 2.5, but, in the last 3 months, they have had over 30, yes 30 earthquakes!….. The highest being a […]

Annexed by America?

This is a response to the previous “Annexed by Canada” post. I think, MR, you have it backwards. Check out this USA image on a Fred Meyer branded Toasted Oats cereal box. America the Beautiful indeed. Look closely!

Sir Paul goes gaming…..

I just caught a little of this on the news the other day, apparently Sir Paul McCartney is going to license his solo career catalog to be used with The Beatles’ Rock Band software….. Paul always said the money was in publishing and licensing , although it cost him The Beatles’ catalog to one who […]

Annexed by Canada….eh?

Yep, Hosers, it’s been below freezing here in the Heartland almost constantly since even before the record breaking blizzard we had on Christmas Eve….eh?… Snow everywhere (even yellow snow) and c-o-o-l-l-d…… So-o-o, we’ve been annexed into the British Empire via Canada…. Take Off, eh?…… Here’s the details…… I woke up yesterday with a Royal Canadian […]


…… all the members and followers of the MR Community….. It’s a New Year and a new starting point…… I’m glad 2009 has gone it’s way and all it’s weirdness with it…… I won’t even go into all the strangeness that I’ve been though during the last part of 2009 – Let’s just start out […]