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MR’s De-Ed Checker Update

Here’s the Latest Standings, and, this time, They are in “Highest to Lowest” order…… Seems Anon (and a few others) didn’t pay attention when I said they were in “Alphabetical” order last time…… So-o-o, here they are: 1st Place: Izard: Twenty-One (21) Red Checkers, Two (2) Black Checkers 2nd Place: Jek: Sixteen (16) Red Checkers, […]

MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Who Said It?…..

Looks as if I’m Head Quizzer of all things not musical ( although, I might step into J.J.’s area on occasion)….. I have found the “One Book to Rule Them All” – The Bigger Book….. Here’s the first quiz from said source: In 1998, a performing artist made the following statement: “It’s very exciting to […]

I Haven’t Disappeared (Totally)……

Been super busy the last three days with car trouble, VA appointment, setting up my new HDTV system, mowing, etc., etc….. I hereby promise that by tomorrow evening this post will be replaced with the new quiz and I’ll get all needed comments made and a new points update…… Gotta go, still got a few […]

Music Trivia 07.29.07

Who would think One of the fathers of “Grunge” would jump on the James Bond Theme Bandwagon. Who is he? What groups was he in? What Movie? What song? 4 Points.

DID YOU KNOW, I didn't think so……..Funk

The meaning of “Funk”……..”To be in the funk” may be the Walloon “In de fonk zun,” literally to “be in the smoke.” Colloquially to be in a state of trepidation from uncertainty or apprehension of EVIL. Walloon….what the Belgians speak.

Music Score Update

As of 7.28.07 RtG 18 SUNN 10 MR 9 HUSKYSOONER 6 JEK/IZZARD 5 TTOP 3 MR -10 or something like that Come on everyone you all need to Hulk up RtG is 2 away from winning again. If he wins again I am going to have to adjust the point system and you don’t want […]

Run, Hide, I’m Coming to the MR NW

Mrs. JJ and myself are officially planning our semi annual trek to the Great White Northwest for this X-Mas season. Hopefully we will be able to spend a whole week with all you up there. Maybe this time I won’t get lost trying to find Jek’s house. So warm up the coffee, Break open the […]

Don’t Go Near the WATER!….

It looks as if Jek was “Used and Returned” and then forgotten!….. Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon to get you (sure we will)….. In the meantime, keep your children away….. “Jaws” was nothin’……


I am passing on the Educational Quiz to MR and J.J. No moans, no sighs. cheapest levitra I will still be posting cultural and educational bits from the BIG BOOK under “DID YOU KNOW? I didn’t think so.”, bits that will make you seem cultured and educated as you drop them in casual conversation. During […]

MR’s De-Educational Quiz – GPS – VHS – HVD

Three short questions this week….. If I’m still at this next week, the Points System will be converted to Chess pieces….. 1. The first GPS satellite was launched in 1978 for use by the U.S. Military….. How many satellites currently make up the system?….. Worth Four (4) Red Checkers…… 2. What was the last major […]

Music Trivia 07.22.07

Just the opposite this week Name these birthdays 1 point per. 1. 10/18/1926 2. 06/18/1942 3. 07/26/1943 4. 03/30/1945 5. 11/12/1945 6. 01/08/1947 7. 03/25/1947 8. 10/13/1947 9. 03/02/1962 10. 01/05/1969 Hints, They are all still alive, They have all had #1 Hits.

West Spanish Peak Expedition

After seeing Jek’s beautiful photo from the great northwest, I thought I’d share one from a hike I took with some neighbors, also a couple of weeks ago. This one was taken between Cordova Pass and West Spanish Peak in the Blood O’ Christ mountains. We reached the summit about 2 hours and some sangre, […]

Image Test – Mount Stuart

Randalf’s post reminded me that there was a bug in the image upload code for IE users. I made a change and am testing it with this post. Please enjoy the shot of Mount Stuart below from our backpacking trip a couple of weeks ago near Iron Peak, which is south of The Enchantments.


FZ Humor……

Here’s one of the FZ DVD’s that were stuck in Coffeyville with some of that FZ humor he’s famous for…… This was orginally on a one of FZ‘s VHS releases many years ago, but, I think it’s still funny and right to the point….. YES!, There is Humor in Music……