Lookin’ @ the world thru a windshield 10/15

Well today finds us in Gaston, SC. Waiting to get loaded. Just had a good phone call with MR. Hope you get to feeling better. We are scheduled to deliver in W. Palm Beach, FL on mon. the 17th at 0630 Then go to Pompano Beach, FL to P/U for Dallas, TX. It’s nice to know what’s next for a change.

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  1. I’m hoping it’s just the usual allergies I have this time of year, Mr. J., although it seems to be worse than usual….. Maybe it’s the drought we are still in (Over 15″ short now, and no indications of rain in the extended forecasts)…… I’ve been to West Palm Beach before – Once on the way to Jamaica, and once on business to pick-up a sub-contractor’s check in the $500,000.00 range….. Didn’t want to trust that one to the mail – Sorry USPS….. Don’t lay around on the beaches too much down there or you might not want to come back….. Safe Journey and watch out for the Oh-No Yo-Yo’s….. “On The Road Again”…..

  2. J.J.

    Do you get a chance to talk to people or do you spend all your time driving?

  3. anon: one would think that a truck driver would get to see many interesting things in our country, and meet many people. Alas this is not so. Now don’t get me wrong I do meet alot of people but, most are either at shippers or recievers. And with all the security now usually I just see the security guard, and the person who signs my bills is behind a glass. I get to talk with other drivers sometimes, but most of them I can only take in small doses. That is why I am so happy when my wife goes with me, at least I have someone intelligent to talk to. But to really answer your ?, I am allowed to drive 11 hours a day, and I try to do that and then take my 10 hour break. I mostly drive alot.

  4. “J.J. You can Drive My Truck…..
    Delivery’s just a matter of Luck, Yeah,
    J.J., You Can Drive My Truck……
    ….And, I might pay you…..”
    (Sung to The Beatles’ “Drive My Car”)

    Beep, Beep, YEAH!……

  5. J.J.

    Kind of what I thought.

    It would be interesting to know what people around the country are talking about.

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