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After I made the “Wind of Change” Post on 28AUG13 (scroll down a few Posts and you’ll find it), a friend suggested putting it to music in the form of “Imagine” by John Lennon…..  I started it and kind of got sidetracked, but, with what the worthless Yo-Yo’s are doing now – as in shutting […]

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35…..

We recently did our version of this Bob Dylan classic from the mid-’60’s…..  It’s fun to play and we added our own twist to it……  What really interests me most, though, is the title…..  There’s no mention of women, rainy or not, in the song or any numbers…..  By all rights the title of the […]


Sorry, I missed making a Post on “911” on the 11th due to the fact that I was in the middle of having some dental work done on the 10th and 12th…..  I don’t enjoy visits to the Dentist, and this one turned out to be a Lu-Lu with many problems (still going on as […]

It’s Friday the 13th!…..

I didn’t even notice until around 2:00pm…..  I spent the morning out during errands and shopping and wondered why everyone seems a bit off – Even the drivers seemed extra stupid, and, in Oklahoma that’s really hard to be!…..  Luckily, I got all my business taken care of and am now safely holed up in […]

Digital Albums…..

It looks like the CD is about to bite the big one……  Most of the new releases are “Digital Albums” only…..  Check …  I’m not sure that I’m quite ready to totally give up hard copies of my music…..  Just what is an “Artist” supposed to autograph at a concert – your ass!…..  Memorable, […]

Is Music Still Substantial ?

Where are the songs of protest or social change? Some of us are old enough to remember when Rock and Roll was just starting and what it meant to you as adolescents and how it changed your lives. But I’m speaking of particular songs or pieces of music. Are there any musical pieces now that […]

Happy Labor Day Weekend…..

Have a SAFE one – Do no Labor – Have FUN – And, did I mention to make it a SAFE one?…. I want everyone back in the MR Community groove come Tuesday – GOT IT!…. O.K., DO IT!…..