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When I Left Home: My Story…..

I just finished reading Buddy Guy’s autobiography a while back….. If you’re interested the history of the Blues/Rock and Roll, this is a great read…. You’ll find that you will Love/Hate Leonard Chess, owner of Chess Records….. You’ll love him because there would be a large portion of the great Blues performers who would never […]

Making of The Blues Brothers

A friend on Facebook who’s the managing editor for the OK Gazette brought this to my attention: The amateurish, abrupt ending makes me wince, but the rest of the story is a fun read. As BB aficionados, you may know everything discussed in the story, but enjoy anyway! Man, I love Dan Aykroyd.

MR Coroner BREAKING NEWS 5/13/12

We have been informed of the sudden passing Of the Person who Sir Paul McCartney called “The Best Bass Player ever” Donald “Duck” age 70 In Tokyo, Japan. From Wikipedia: Donald “Duck” Dunn (November 24, 1941 – May 13, 2012)[1][2] was an American bass guitarist, record producer, and songwriter. Dunn was notable for his […]

MR Coroner 10/05/11

We have just learned of the death of Actor Charles Napier at age 75. Many do not know the name but remember his rolls, notably as the tough talking Intel officer in Rambo II but most remember him as Tucker McElroy the “Lead Singer and Driver of the Winnebago” from the Blues Brothers. Check out […]

Goofy i-Tunes…..

I made an earlier Post on going to Chicago and seeing Harmonica Hinds…… Now, H.H., he plays the Chicago style of Blues straight-up and Blues to the Bone…… I bought one of his CD’s while I was there, “Finally” and ordered another one later, “Anything If I Could”….. Both were great BLUES Albums….. You know […]

Here’s How….

…You do business in the music industry….. As I said in my earlier Post on Harmonica Hinds, I had ordered a copy of his new CD: H.H. also sent me a link for a free download of “Walking Down the Street”…. I asked him if I could Post it on the blog for everyone….. He […]

MRambler/Harmonica Hinds – Bluesmen…

Yep, MR is now an acknowledged “Bluesman” by one of the best –Chicago Blues great Harmonica Hinds…. Check out the background on my earlier Chicago Blues Post. I finally got around to sending him an e-mail* yesterday along with a copy of Dan’s Blues (Blues for Dan) for H.H. to check out, of course I really […]