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Truth in Advertising?……

Bought this Mini-Me “Seedless” Watermelon at the market…..  Notice anything funny about the labeling?….. ——————————————————————————————–

Happy Pre-Turkey Day!……

Thought I would wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving early….. Hopefully everyone will have a GREAT Holiday – Gobble up the Turkey, but don’t be a Turkey!….  Enjoy the people and family you share it with, even if you don’t enjoy them in particular……  Required Holidays can be confusing and stressful if you let them – […]

The Beatles Chili

We’re about to have our 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off at work and I was working on this year’s poster for our chili when I ran into a previous year’s poster. With all the Beatles/iTunes love, it seems appropriate. Hope you enjoy and get hungry!

The Best Breakfast I Ever Had

Anon suggested this for a topic and I think it’s great.  Check out his first course on this topic.  For me, I really don’t have a particular standout in mind.  But I will say that my Grandma’s grits and round bacon were the best.  Yes you heard right, round bacon.  Maybe MR can elaborate on […]


You can blame this one on Jek…… He suggested “Pancakes” as a topic in my previous post….. Maybe he remembered “Pancake Records and Tapes” in his subconscious since it was a long time ago or maybe he was talking about the eating kind….. Here’s the “Pancake” story….. We had recorded a few live concerts (including […]


One of the things I miss most about Seattle is Tim’s Cascade style potato chips. I’ve regularly had them in Boulder/Denver, and our local Albertson’s carried them for about a week here in central OK. My dear wife brought back from Border’s tonight two snack-size bags of Tim’s. Awesome! I know they can be ordered […]

Turkey and Gravy Soda — Just like Mom’s — Burp!

A couple of weeks ago, Tarn and I hosted a Jones Holiday Soda tasting party.  We had two soda packages from Jones: The 2005 Regional Pack and The 2006 Holiday Pack (9 sodas total), and we paired them with the real dishes. We also captured the tasting notes of various attendees.  Here they are for […]

MR is OK

MR is doing fine.  The surgeon told us that they were able to save both of his parathyroid glands. (The ones that regulate calcium.)  They also got all of nodule/potential tumor out–along with the entire thyroid.  Fortunately it appears the nerve to his vocal chords is fully operational, meaning that he is able to talk/complain. […]

Optimum Coffee Storage?

We’ve been storing our coffee beans in the freezer.  A week or so ago, a friend gave us a bag of Torrefazione Italia’s Perugia Blend beans.  It sez this on the package: For best results, use within thirty days of purchase and grind beans just before use.  To maintain the exceptional flavor, store in an […]

Do you eat out on Monday nights?

I didn’t think so, well not if you live in Seattle and you aren’t having fast food.  There is an increase in Monday restaurant closings around here.  And I say ARG!  Last night, we walked over to get a burger at Red Mill (not a frequent occurrence).  Red Mill makes a fine gourmet burger and […]