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From the road 25/sep 2012

Well today finds me in N. Las Vegas, NV. Got 6 stops tomorrow in the area. Then off to…..? Not.much going on here, beautiful weather, that’s about it.

From the road 17.Sep. 2012

Hi Kids. Greetings from Ontario, CA. It was hot here today 88 Iknow that’s not bad but for here…… Took my day off today. Thanks to a Load planner that is incapable of doing his job correctly. This load originated in Laredo, TX with a second P/U in Redlands, CA then delivers in Perris, CA. […]

“Inmates are BORED”….

If we had a newsletter, that would be the headlines…..  I guess I’ll have to Post something and stir things up again (hopefully)…..  Question:  I know the Presidential election is coming up fast – should we discuss politics or leave them alone?…..  Let’s hear your opinions, Inmates…..  I’m sure our opinions are varied and some […]

I’m Back (sort of)

Yes kids your roving reporter is back, I final;y came into the 21st Century and got me a Tablet. So now I can post/comment more. (When I can get a WiFi signal) So anyhoo, Here I sit in Beautiful downtown Yuma, AZ and it’s hot!!!! 98 at 1249am. Gotta love it. Check in somewhere down […]

A New Post

This is boring, So I will post something.   SOMETHING   Later bye