Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/13

Well, kids here we are back on the road. Heading for Charlotte, N.C. can you say yoyo?

8 Responses to “Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/13”

  1. I originally put this up at 1000 this morning. For some reason when I hit publish, it goes to drafts. MR: If you see a post saved in drafts please publish it for me, till I get this figured out. Good night from Dickson, TN.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got some “Figurin” Out” to do, Mr. J…… I don’t see any drafts, except the one I made yesterday in order to get the songs in the comment section of a Post….. Nothing else there…… Welcome to the club – Remember a couple of days ago, I was having problems with cut and paste? – Well, it was the Operator (Me!), not the Computer…..

    Oh, Yeah, PD Bob went flying out of here late last night muttering something about you pulling a fast one on him, but, that he would catch up and lower your air pressure?… If that means anything?….. Good Luck…..

  3. You’ll aren’t the only ones. I made a comment on this earlier today it’s gone too. Wounder if the entire tread was lost some how.

    J. are you going to be near the speedway up there in charlotte?

  4. Hay J.J.

    What do you see on the road?

  5. Besides bugs on your windshield.

  6. Well, just dropped and hooked in Charlotte, NC. I would be about 25 miles from the track, if we were still there. We are headed to Gaston, SC to load tomorrow for W. Palm Beach, FL. Then back to Dallas. at least that is the plan. What I saw today was lots of traffic(watch for upcoming rant/post) also the leaves are changing, so the drive thru the smokies was colorful today. Everyone should take the drive thru there once.

  7. I would love to do that one of these days I may do that.
    Probably start with some roads in Oklahoma.

  8. I heard that the South East part of Oklahoma goes through the leaf color change thing….. that would be a close starting point from the OKC area, Robo…..

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