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Memorial Day Weekend…..

Wishing the MR Community and everyone a Safe Memorial Day Weekend…..  Remember to honor the memories of all those who are no longer with us…..  Just don’t become a memory yourself – Drive Safe – Be Safe….. There’s a lot of people out there that think of this weekend as the first BIG Party weekend […]

Help Name our New CD…..

Here’s your chance to give a little help……  We, as in Terraplane, have just finished recording all the tracks for a new CD that we hope to get out in the next few weeks or so…..  There are 4 new originals, 3 new Terraplane cover versions of some songs we like, and, 2 King Crimson covers from […]

Happy Birthday, Jek!…..

Now, I’m not saying today is his Birthday – It might be tomorrow, or the next day,or, maybe even yesterday…..  Don’t want to give out too much personal information to the more than slightly off-center society that we live in today…..  Anyway, I’m sure Jek knows when his Birthday is, and, it’s around this time […]

MR Coroner BREAKING NEWS 5/13/12

We have been informed of the sudden passing Of the Person who Sir Paul McCartney called “The Best Bass Player ever” Donald “Duck” age 70 In Tokyo, Japan. From Wikipedia: Donald “Duck” Dunn (November 24, 1941 – May 13, 2012)[1][2] was an American bass guitarist, record producer, and songwriter. Dunn was notable for his […]

Happy Mother’s Day…..

… all you Mothers out there, and, all the Mother Lovers (Husbands/Offspring)…..  Just Remember – If it wasn’t for Mothers, there would not be a Human Race…..  The Planet might be happy about that, but, I , Personally, don’t think Non-Existence would be much fun……  Show your LOVE and pay your RESPECTS for ALL the […]

MR Coroner. RIP Goober

Our mobile command post has just learned of the death of George Lindsey Better known as Goober Pyle star of the Andy Griffith show, Mayberry RFD, And cameo roles on Gomer Pyle USMC. He was also a regular on Hee Haw from 1969 until 1983. SALLLUTE!!