Medical marijuana in Oklahoma

Sorry everyone We Know it’s been a while but you know how things go, Life, Jobs, TV ETC.
That being said I just had to post this. Here Goes.
Morning everyone. Before I start, I’m not trying to start any fights here I just would like to know what everyone’s position is and try to understand All sides of the Issue. That Being said: The Way I see It. Medical Marijuana. Why is everyone up in arms about the rules imposed by the State? It seems like there’s only 2 sides. one side it seems to me are the people who just want to get High in the streets without any regards for how their actions effect anyone else, The other is people who are worried about how the business model will be structured so they can make money from the industry. The side that haven’t been all over the press are the people who Medical Marijuana would benefit, the patients who have gained a actual relief of symptoms by consuming the Cannabis plant extracts. Lets look at the question. It’s MEDICAL MARIJUANA, Not recreational. The guidelines put forth are geared toward that. The only thing I might have a problem with is the number of Dispensaries, 50 means there wouldn’t even be one in each county and 27 would not have one. This would be a inconvenience for patients who would have to travel several miles to have their prescriptions filled, Many of whom do not have the means to travel. As for the consumption, I see all these news stories showing all the Different “Strains” with all these Cute Names for each. That would not matter since it’s for Medical purposes, the only difference would be in the strength of the active ingredient that is used for the medicinal Benefit. The Cannabis plant has certain chemical properties that when ingested have medical benefits, these compounds can either be extracted by 1 of 2 different processes. 1. Drying the plants leaves and ingesting the smoke when the dried leaf is burnt, This is the less pure form of the medicinal properties of the plant. 2. by a process where the essential oils from the plant are extracted and processed into a consumable form such as a tablet or oil and then is infused into a orally consumable form i.e. Gummies, Brownies, etc. For the medical benefit smoking it is the quickest form but todays processes can make the processed form a much better and more medically beneficial alternative. So that being said, Where’s the problem with the guidelines for the patients that are wanting and needing the benefits of Medical Cannabis? As for there having to be a Pharmacist in each dispensary, It’s for Medical Needs. Do those who are screaming the loudest have a problem with there being a Pharmacist in every Drug Store? Remember the bill as written and voted on was for MEDICAL Marijuana NOT Recreational! I urge all of you to Look up the actual Bill that many of you voted on and read the wording. Remember we live in a world where there must be rules everything can’t just be free from Guidelines. So let’s start a reasonable and civil discussion about this. Stop, Focus, and Look at the Big Picture.

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  1. Go get ’em, J.J.!… Just so they (Oklahoma, state of) don’t introduce so many restrictions that would make it impossibly hard for the people who really need it to procure it….

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