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MR Rock Coroner RIP Blu.

Friends, this is probably one of the hardest death posts I have had to post. This morning our community lost one of our own. Although he never posted on here just about everyone knows Danny Abernathy or as we all knew him as “Blu” He was a mainstay of the OKC Music Scene for most […]

MR Rock Coroner. Leon Russell

We have just learned of the passing of the music legend and fellow Oklahoman Leon Russell at his home in Nashville.

Wow, this is handy…..

….Especially when you’ve impulsively decided to learn to play guitar, borrow an acoustic from MRambler, and pretty much completely fuck the tuning beyond help within 20 minutes of fiddling with it and don’t want to tell him.   Now, how do I explain that the first lesson I learned was a Who song […]

Validation for comedy, or degradation of science?

Saw this the other day, and it made me feel a little guilty that someone confined to a chair appears to get more done than I do. Great validation for classic humor, and a fusion of true geniuses in totally unrelated fields.  

RIP (Again) More Great Musicians Too Young

Well we have lost 2 more great musicians Last week longtime bass player for Neil Young Tim Drummond passed. Before joining Neil during the Harvest sessions Tim had played with such greats as James Brown and Conway Twitty. He was 72. Then this weekend we learned of the passing of original CSN&Y drummer Dallas Taylor. […]

Book Reoprt Neil Young Special Deluxe

I just finished ( for the 2nd time) Listening to Neil read his newest chapter in his foray into being a author. Many of you know (and some agree) that Neil Young has never done anything that I did not like, and this book is no exception. As he starts off he prefaces that this […]

Thanksgiving Tradition

Got to see him a couple of years ago with MR & JJ

Go Figure…..

A neat bit o’ music history…

  Ran across this while looking up some obscure old instruments, thought it was a very informative demonstration of what you can do with very little money. This is Scott Ainslie, a blues musician and historian, demonstrating some cigar box guitars. More info on this guy can be found here: Very impressive talent on […]

Most Innovative Rock Guitarist Of All Time

Died 44 years ago, today. 🙁

Where Were You?

Aug. 16, 1977 MR & I were playing a gig when we heard the  news today, oh boy.    

Final Album Artwork……

Hey-Ho…..  Just thought you might like to see what the final cover for the new “Kelvinators” album is gonna look like…..  Jek is the North West U.S. distributor…..  S-o-o-o, Anon, and a few others that I promised copies to – If you don’t have them in about a week or so, Chase him down or […]

Anyone Disagree?

It’s Comin’ Soon!……

The new (and first) CD by the “Kelvinators” is about to be released!……  The title will be “Hot Water Rinse”…… Within the next week or so – or so?……  You know how it goes…….  Lots of old covers with new twists……  Of course, Music is a personal taste, so you may LOVE it or HATE […]

Winter has now come and gone…..

Not being a smart ass – but, I was just informed that Johnny Winter just passed away…..  I know no other details, and have to make an appointment that I can’t get out of……  If any of the Community knows anything else to add – DO IT!…..  THE BLUES JUST RAINED LIKE HAIL! (MR)……