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“For What It’s Worth”….

Just like the stock market crash of ’29, our U.S. currency is fast approaching the value of cheap wallpaper…… If those BOZO’s in Washington don’t stop being the immoral, unaccountable, I, Me, Mine Morons they are very soon, we’ll all be in the proverbial “Handbasket to Hell”…. No more U. S. of A. as we […]

Great White North – OK Division….

Yup – Oklahoma is the new Great White North (at least to Texas)…… Over the past week, we have had record breaking snow and more is predicted for the coming week….. Oklahoma is known for it’s quick changing weather, and we’ve been getting it….. Last Saturday, January 29, we set a new high – 76 […]

Snowtastrophy 2011

Just a few pics of the aftermath.

It’s PD Bob’s Day!……

PD Bob claims that “Ground Hog” is just another name for a “Prairie Dog” and he’s not happy…… Seems like that’s a derogatory insult to a Prairie Dog and he wants to start a campaign to get the day renamed to “Prairie Dog Day”….. He’s also planning a big party for all the local PD’s….. […]