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Where Were You?

Aug. 16, 1977 MR & I were playing a gig when we heard the  news today, oh boy.    

I don’t Even Want To Post This…….

If anyone would have given me a list of people that would/could be probable suicide candidates, Robin Williams would have been so far off the the list and the radar it would be astronomical…..  I can not tell you how glad I am going to be when 2014 finally disappears from our current calendar……  This makes […]

6 Degrees of Jojo

For those of you new to our world, Jek, MR and some others have an annual outing called “Jojo Fest” One of the first ones was in 2007 in Ft. Worth, TX. MR, and Robo drove down from MR Central in what would become known as “The Jojo Mobile” Afterwards I purchased said vehicle. Here’s […]