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Who says spirituality is boring?

Was referred to this by my good friend and co-worker Rahman, a Sunni muslim from Bangladesh. At first I thought it was going to be something serious or critical of the West, but then I listened to the whole thing and it turned my initial assumptions on their head. I have a cousin in New […]

Support Your Local Blog

I gotta rant somemore. I love this blog, I know that I don’t post as much as I should as we all don’t. But I’m thankful that we have this platform to post our ideas thoughts and current happenings. I visit many other blogs that are attached to many of my favorite causes and I […]

Screw Facebook…….

I recently purchased an Epiphone Les Paul 100, basically a lightweight body with all the Les Paul electronics…. It plays as good, if not better, than the outrageously priced Gibson models… I signed up for the Epiphone newsletters…. In the most current one, which is their 140 anniversary issue, they are giving away a one-of-a-kind […]