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It’s New Year’s Eve…..

2012 is about to go bust……  PD Bob and Oscar, although still on Lock-Down, are planning a night on the town, with or without my permission….  I told them I would release them around 6 pm, IF and ONLY IF, they didn’t mess with any of the MR Community’s parties or plans…..  If you see […]

Making of The Blues Brothers

A friend on Facebook who’s the managing editor for the OK Gazette brought this to my attention: The amateurish, abrupt ending makes me wince, but the rest of the story is a fun read. As BB aficionados, you may know everything discussed in the story, but enjoy anyway! Man, I love Dan Aykroyd.

It’s Time…….

Mmm-hmmmm….  That’s right, It’s time to start writing down those “New Year Resolutions”……  I’ve already made my list and, unfortunately, I shared the info with Jek…..  I was a bit overambitious now that I look at my list, but, alas, Jek will give me an earful if I don’t at least fulfill the Resolutions for […]

Christmas Chaos….

Yep!…  PD Bob’s back and with his new sidekick, Oscar the Cat….  After months of hearing rumors and short messages from the elusive Furbot, they show up late Christmas Eve at MR Headquarters – Tired, Cold, Hungry, and Dirty (as in SMELLY dirty!)…..  Jabbering at over a 100 miles per hour about all the places […]

Merry Christmas!!!!….

Hopefully everybody is having a Merry Christmas…..  Mine has not been the best so far, but, I do still have the electric on, and I have presents to open (see comments on previous “Christmas Eve” post for details)…..  Right now we are getting Freezing Rain/Ice – I can’t even step out the door without the […]

It’s Christmas Eve…….

Wishing everyone a Merry, Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!…..  I really don’t know what we will get here since the weather forecast is for a major Winter Storm starting later tonight and raging all through Christmas Day……  Mother Nature apparently doesn’t seem to like us much – 3 days of high temps in the mid-20’s, […]

the adventure of Robo and his Christmas trip

Friday the 21 of December I road with Mrambler and then my parents to Arkansas for a Christmas vacation and to see my parents new house. Here it is late Saturday and I have not seen my parents house. I have seen a lot of room 444 in saint Marys hospital. I have an inflection […]

08 Dec. 1980. 2012

Today we celebrate the Life of John Ono Lennon Taken from us 31 years ago so violently. I had just got home from Night School that Monday Night and turned on the TV waiting for the news, The NE Patriots were playing the Miami Dolphins. I was just half listening when Howard Cosell announced: Howard […]

7 Dec 1941 2012

Today we remember the brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice on that Day that will live in Infamy.