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The avatar for Kurt Cobain may be making Guitar Hero headlines right now, but one year ago a far more corrosive controversy was connected to the product. Rage Wireless Guitars, a series of controllers sold for use with the game, were found to have circuit-board defects that could cause battery acid to leak outside the […]

Bad News Bird Bathes

Soupy Sales passed on. Black Fang, White Tooth, Pooky, and Soupy are together again.


Okie from Muskogee, er, Yukon/Stillwater Garth Brooks has great news for all his friends in low places: Thursday Garth announced he’s coming out of retirement once again! The Country music superstar has been retired since 2000, popping up only on rare occasions for small music events. but in a press conference in Nashville Brooks said […]

News Flash, Bob Dylan nominated for Nobel Prize for literature.


You Say It’s….

…..My BIRTHDAY!…… …..It’s MY Birthday, YEAH!….. …..AND, I’m spending it in the Great NW with some of our Northwester MR Community members….. A Great (can’t say that word too many times!) Experience will be had by ME, and, hopefully those around me will tolerate the whims and wishes of the Birthday Boy…… Sorry, I just […]