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Senators to the rescue!……

Did you see the senators on national TV giving their take on what should be done in order to help pay for the storm damage caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita (Not Lovely Rita as in Sgt. Pepper’s)?…….. The two that really stuck out in my mind was the one (I don’t remember the individual […]

Meet The Beatles

We delight in hearing stories detailing the ostentatious demands of rock bands and piggy Hollywood stars. Well, we’d like to direct Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera to the concert contract rider, a study in modesty from The Beatles. The most influential band ever had simple demands when they toured the U.S. in 1965 […]

Who or what rules the world?

Ignorance, which procreates fear, is the most lucrative commodity ever. So fear must rule the world. Without fear, the Church, the arms industry, the government, the police and that sort of thing appear to be less of a necessity. Money is also a product that dances with fear, take it away and suddenly you are […]

The Business of Stupidity and Vice Versa….

British Rail was having trouble keeping its InterCity express trains running on time in 1998, but executives solved the problem without a major overhaul of equipment or systems enhancement…… They simply redefined “on time”…… Now trains run “on time” if they arrive within an hour of schedule…….. Corporate thinking, eh?…….. Someone probably got a big […]

Where’s my George Jetsonmobile?……..

In the ’50’s and ’60’s, we were the same as quaranteed to have automobiles/transporation that didn’t require the use of polluting, foul, toxic gasoline no later than the 1990’s and ,whew, by the 21st century, we would have anti-grav flying cars with all the bells and whistles…… Well, it is the 21st century and, I […]

Optimum Coffee Storage?

We’ve been storing our coffee beans in the freezer.  A week or so ago, a friend gave us a bag of Torrefazione Italia’s Perugia Blend beans.  It sez this on the package: For best results, use within thirty days of purchase and grind beans just before use.  To maintain the exceptional flavor, store in an […]

Your favorite Music

How bout a diversion. I am curious, who is your favorite musical artist and why? For extra credit, What was their best piece of music. I know MR. did a similar post on this but I am just curious on a basic level. As a side line, What is on your I-Pod (If you have […]

Money for nothing and your chicks for free……

That’s what you get if you have any kind of vested interest in the oil and gas industry these days…… Anyone from the oil company CEO to the neighborhood convenience store owner are making immediate excessive profits off Katrina and the oil industry in general….. These are called “Windfall profits” because the original production costs […]