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Lucy Vodden (née O’Donnell), who was the inspiration for the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” has died, following a long battle with the autoimmune disease lupus. The British housewife — whose passing was announced by the St Thomas’ Lupus Trust charity — was 46. Vodden first achieved pop culture fame as a […]

It’s That Time Again….

Yep, it’s yearly inspection time for the Great Northwest Seattle HQ…… After a short vacation in Portland (01OCT-04OCT), I’ll then be heading for Seattle (05OCT-11OCT) to conduct a surprise inspection on Jektown and various unsuspecting MR community members….. You say, “How can it be a surprise inspection if I’m Posting the fact that I’m on […]


……me if you can….. If you’re like me, and, I know that you’re probably not (Ha), you always have more personal projects than you can ever get done…… My problem is I can’t keep my big mouth shut when it comes to volunteering help to others….. They can just be talking about some little problem […]

Peter, Paul & MARY

One of my earliest musical influences. Another page turns in Rock history. Mary Travers, whose ringing, earnest vocals with the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary made songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “If I Had a Hammer” and “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” enduring anthems of the 1960s protest movement, died Wednesday night […]


These tune sure bring back some memories. Ellie Greenwich, one of the most prolific song writers of the 60’s & 70’s, died Aug. 26 of a heart attack & pneumonia. She was 68. Here’s a list of only some of the songs she wrote: “Leader of the Pack” “Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts?” […]

Wall Street's Next Big Cash Cow……..anon

“After the mortgage business imploded last year, Wall Street investment banks began searching for another big idea to make money. They think they may have found one. The bankers plan to buy ‘life settlements,’ life-insurance policies that ill and elderly people sell for cash. Then they plan to ‘securitize’ these policies, in Wall Street jargon, […]

Holidays “HA!!”

As just said in the previous post I just got home at 1300 today Labor Day. Now I work in one of the most federally regulated industries that there is, But my industry feels that the holidays should be abolished and we drivers should live in our trucks 24/7 365. Now our company owners and […]

Bradford’s Injury

Since I got home at 1300 today the top story on the news today has been the injury of The OU Quarterback Sam Bradford. Ok lets get some perspective. There are Thousands of soldiers serving in wars all over the globe. The president is proposing a Socialized Health Care Plan. A burgular was shot and […]

New Name – Same “Old” Condition…..

I thought of this (and, believe me, sometimes thinking isn’t as easy as it used to be) when I tried to look-up the correct spelling of “Alzheimer’s” in my 1977 Webster’s pocket dickshunary (Ha!)….. It wasn’t there….. I did find “Senile”…… So, I’m thinkin’ it’s just a new name for old age forgetfulness that’s been […]