Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/20

Been having phone browser problems. Hi all, from N. OKC. – Unloading @ 122nd and Broadway Ext. We spent Monday driving around Miami Beach, FL in the rain, because someone could not deliver last Fri. We finally got our load P/U at 1600pm and had to drive out in rush hour in the rain (remind me why I wanted to do this for a living again?) That made us late for our delivery in Dallas, according to the reciever anyway. So after unloading here we are headed for Phoenix, AZ.

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  1. I take it you have already blown in and out of OKC, and are lost in the Ozone layer somewhere between here, Dallas, and Phoenix?…… As a matter of fact, why did you decide to be a “Road Rat” anyway?…… I know – Because you get the “Big Bucks” – Right?…..

    Drive safe now, Boy, and, give us any info you can on the state of union – That’s the U.S. of A. Union, Not, the Trucker’s Union – and we’ll see ya next time you’re in and about MR HQ……

  2. once again this phone browser strikes again. Well earlier today we unloaded in Phoenix, AZ. where it was a balmy 92 degrees. I am now in Eloy, AZ. where we will take our day off. Since leaving home on the 13th this will be the 1st one. Listening to the rain delay OU game on the Sat. radio.

  3. Good to hear from you, J.J….. It’s been hot here too, but, the bottom’s supposed to fall out about the middle of the week….. You do know what the letters OU stand for, J.?….. Obviously Unprepared….. I thought OU was a university, not a Kindergarten….. The first OU game I watch, and they played like they all needed to go to remedial football 101….. I turned it off at halftime….. What in the World made the OU Nuts think OU was a first class championship team?…… During the rain delay, ABC switched to the Washington game….. U-Dub is located in Seattle….. Another of those weird coincidences that I run into….. They didn’t fair well either….. Maybe I shouldn’t watch games of teams I want to win…..

    Are you sure it’s the browser or the operator? (Ha!)…….

  4. MR,

    Watch the Seattle Sounders.

  5. I hate to appear dumber than usual, Anon, but what sport does the Seattle Sounders play?…… As you can see, I don’t keep up with sports much….. The Sounders may be the team I’ve been looking for!…..

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