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We’ve Lost Another One…..

Yesterday, June 27, Bobby Womack died at the age of 70…..  I know a lot of you probably don’t know who he was, but, if you know anything at all about R & B and R & R, you should……  With his wife Shirley (at the time), he wrote one of my all-time favorite Stone’s […]

Silent Hogs?……

What’s the most recognized motorcycle in the World? – By design and sound – Harley Davidson, correct?…..  The famous Harley sound and design has been copied by all the top motorcycle manufacturers…..  Well, H-D’s going in a new direction – ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES – Yep, the only thing you hear is the slight whine of the […]

When you don’t have a bone to pick….

  Was gonna surprise MR with one of these for a birthday or something, but other musically-inclined folks might find these kinda nifty. (Warning: This site has some great little geeky items, usually a bit useless or overpriced.)   Item 1: the Do-It-Yourself Guitar Pick Maker for $24.99.   Item 2: Recycled Vinyl Record […]

Hignose movie review #2

Got bored, so dug through my stash and reacquainted myself with a fascinating documentary about a man that fought the Cold War single-handedly in a world of black and white: This 2011 HBO documentary is very well done, and covers everything from his early childhood to the aftermath of his death. Bobby Fischer was an […]

It’s a shame that time ravages our heroes….

For those of you that missed it last year, this rematch was a tad less exciting than the original:   Still had me rolling. =)  

Don’t they do this already?

I’d threaten JJ with the claim that this was an actual product, but I’m sure he sees similar (if not worse) on a daily basis….

Hignose movie review #1

As a couple of you know, after a long stretch of working very weird hours I have developed a fairly solitary lifestyle and have developed an interest in movies that somewhat got out of hand. The damning evidence:   Kinda wish I’d gone the Netflix route, but then I wouldn’t physically *own* anything. So anyway, […]

The changing landscape…

Been meaning to share this and finally found the media. December 16th, 1971 is the independence day for Bangladesh, when they finally broke away from Pakistan (until then, they had been East Pakistan, and their local language and customs had been gradually suppressed.)   It was a very ugly war in a very impoverished nation, […]

Is it kind of like Hooters?

Saw this at the loading dock at work and got a chuckle out of it… I assume they are not the brightest people to do business with, but the sales staff is kinda cute….

A New Contest………….No Prizes

How many words can you think of that are their own opposites. Examples: Sanction, left, dust, off.

Double Album

Can anyone name the very first double album of the rock era (without perusing the internet)? Also, what is your all time fave? Here are a few I like:  White Album (Beatles) Tommy ((The Who), Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix), Live At The Fillmore (Allman Brothers Band),  Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Derek & The […]

New Music Report Neil Young “A Letter Home”

I was turned onto Neil Young’s new Album “A Letter Home” As you all know in my opinion Neil has never made a bad album, And with this one he still has not. This is a very Ecclectic album Typical NY. Just when you think you know whats next from him. he does something like […]

Where ya gonna go?

A good internet in-joke, for those that have never noticed: if you check the rating system on the Internet Movie Database (, the entry for Spinal Tap goes to 11! (Unfortunately, it is *not* the highest-rated movie on the site.)    

25 years ago today…

I’m not too big on China, but 25 years ago today I saw something that helps restore faith in the common man. The stones this action took were impressive in the extreme: May we all have half the won-tons this dude’s packin’  if we have to rein in the excesses of those who would abuse […]

OK, it’s sad that I know this….

But thought I’d wish one of MR’s old girlfriends a happy birthday! (I’m pretty sure even he had forgotten this, until I brought it up……) Born 6-4-71, if I’m not mistaken. Hope the old gal’s holding up better than I am, wherever she is!