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History In The Making 2008

As every one knows the ’08 lections are just round the bend. This election we are going to see history being made one way or the other. If you look at the history of the presidency, there have been only 4 instances of the out going presidents party getting elected to the following term where […]

MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – “Everything But –

the Kitchen Sink”….. Here’s some weird and unusual one’s for the last quiz….. These shouldn’t be easy, although the subject matter is familiar….. Points awarded as noted in the questions…. I’ll get J.J. to help me count them – Maybe “Not”…… 1. What are the “Seven Virtues”? (One (1) Point Each)…. 2. On the other […]

Music Trivia 11.25.07

Welcome to the Kollege of Musical Knowledge Name These Big Band Leaders By Their Big Hits of the Day. 1. Pennsylvania 6-5000 2. Take The A Train 3. Begin The Beguine 4. One O’Clock Jump 5. And The Angels Sing 6. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 7. Minne The Moocher 8. A Night […]

T-Day is here……

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…… It looks like the Holiday Season is now upon us…… Embrace the Meaning of the Season and not the “Commercialism“…… Try J.J.’s T-Day Quiz below….. I’m up really early as usual and know all the answers, so, I’ll wait ’til tomorrow to give everyone in the different time zones a chance […]

Music Trivia Thanksgiving

A special quiz for turkey day Alice’s Restaurant 1. How many “eight-by-ten color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each” were taken? 2. What was the color of the VW microbus? 3. In which town was the crime committed? 4. How far away is the railroad track from […]

Music Trivia 11.18.07

Name these 8 Supergroups. 1 Point Each. 1.Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent, Michael Cartellone. 2.Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood, Dave Mason, Rik Grech. 3.Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle, Jim Gordon, Duane Allman, Dave Mason 4.Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, Ric Grech. 5.Geoff Downes, John Whetton, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, Greg Lake. […]

DID YOU KNOW….I didn't think so…more points…."To Stretch A Point"

“To stretch a point”….To exceed what is strictly right. buy cheapest viagra Points were tagged laces used in ancient dress: viagra canadian pharmacy hence, to “truss a point,” to truss or tie the laces which held the breeches; to “stretch a point” is to stretch these laces, so as to adjust the dress to […]

Million Dollar Quartet

Friday night, Anon and I went to see the Million Dollar Quartet, a musical put on by the Village Theatre (a NW outfit, I think). The setting was Sun Records on December 4, 1956 when a chance meeting/recording of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis took place. The actors/musicians did a great […]

Missing Person(Amber Alert)

The community Authorities are looking for a missing person. Last heard from on 10/19 Last known whereabouts Seattle, WA Subject is known to frequent Coffee shops, and Weird Soda tastings, as well as music listening parties. Subject is married, no children. He is known to be employed as a computer programming expert/Tech. Subject has a […]

MR’s De-Evo Points Up-Date II…….

Here are the latest Points Standings…… A new Quiz up later today or tomorrow….. J.J. seems to be the “Leader of the Pack”……. J.J. – 40 Points Izard – 28 Points Jek – 18 Points RtG – 13 Points HS – 13 Points Anon – 13 Points Sunn – 11 Points Zook – 6 Points […]

DID YOU KNOW………I didn't think so………Point

A point…..defined by Euclid as ” that which has no parts”. Playfair defines it as “that which has position but not magnitude”, and Legendre viagra sale says it ” is a limit terminating a line;” but none of these definitions can be called either philosophical or exact.

Music Trivia 11.11.07

Happy Armistice Day. remember to thank a veteran today, and everyday. This week TV Tunes. 1.The theme for this show is titled “Danger Ahead” 2. This shows theme was written by 2 Bluegrass artists long before the show was thought up. 3. The food title of this shows song has nothing to do with the […]

“New” Da Vinci Code……

This turned up on my ATT home page today….. Since these stories are usually up for only a day or two, I am including the remainder of the article in a comment….. Pretty cool stuff….. Leonardo Painting Has Coded ‘Soundtrack’ Published: 11/9/07, 11:25 PM EDT By ARIEL DAVID ROME (AP) – It’s a new Da […]

MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – Culture

Here’s one on “Popular Culture”…… Again, One for One on the Points…… No. 1 – What is the most widely sung song in the English-speaking world?….. No. 2 – How did “Bugs Bunny” get his name?…… No. 3 – Who came first, Superman or Batman?….. No. 4 – In “The Wizard of Oz”, what is […]

Music Trivia 11.04.07

For all you younger guys. 1.This group was formed in 1988 by Oxford University students. and released their debut album “Pablo Honey” in spring of 1993. Who are they? 2.In 1994 Dave Grohl formed this group named after a WWII Group that investigated UFO’s 3.This band formed in 1988 in Chicago and went on to […]