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Happy Birthday Jimi

I know I’m a day Early But Happy 69th Birthday to the worlds greatest guitar player. James Marshall Hendrix Should be a national holiday.

Make your voice heard.

Back in August I took the time to sit down and write to one of our senators from Oklahoma. As many of you may remember Sen. Coburn R.OK proposed his budget cuts which included cuts to Veterans Affairs. I went to Dr. Coburn’s website and sent him my feelings on this issue. Well this last […]

Happy Pre-Turkey Day!……

Thought I would wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving early….. Hopefully everyone will have a GREAT Holiday – Gobble up the Turkey, but don’t be a Turkey!….  Enjoy the people and family you share it with, even if you don’t enjoy them in particular……  Required Holidays can be confusing and stressful if you let them – […]

November 22, 1963…..

…. at 12:30 p.m., CST, 48 years ago today, The Industrial/Military Complex took over this Country with the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy…. The Military got the War they wanted, and the Industry Barons got the Power they wanted…. It has been downhill ever since for our Used-to-Be Great Nation right to the Irreversible […]

MRambler’s Archives #3

When we started Wolfbrand Band, we decided to make a “Demo” tape that we could give to prospective employers (i.e. Club Owners, Organizations, etc.)…. We recorded Five (5) songs in November of 1973….. Now, we had no funds to go into an actual recording studio, nor did we have a mixer or any of the […]

Travelogue 11/17

Hi all. Here again in Eagle Pass, TX. Me and PDB Been loggin’ the miles this tour. 5500 since last home time (just tryin’ to keep up with MR) Mostly up and down I-35 with a detour to chicago and Nogales, AZ. lookin’ forward to Turkey day. I might actually be home this year. last […]

Watermelon Slim, Again……

Got to see Watermelon Slim again at the Blue Door in OKC… It turned out to be a Grateful Dead length gig…. He started about 15 minutes after 8 pm, took a short 15 minute break after about 1 1/2 hours, then played ’til they had to close the place at Midnight!…. I think he […]

It’s 11-11-11

It also happens to be Veteran’s Day so say thank you to a Vet. Please remember freedom is not free.

MR Coroner 11/08/11

Our office has just been alerted of the death of boxing legend “Smokin’” Joe Fraiser. From the “Thrilla in Manilla” to the “Fight of the Century” in Madison Square Garden, Joe was one of the most dynamic sports figures in the 1970’s.

Is it Really that bad?

If we believe the media, “Gas Prices are too High, People are not traveling as much” “The Job Market is the worst it has been since the ’30s And people do not have money” Etc. Well I say that it is BS. Traveling down the highways of our nation, there is more Traffic than ever […]

Home Sweet Home

Well as MR said in the last post “Hey Lucy I’m Home“. Good to be home, I’m taking all of my 3 accrued days off. I want to thank all of you for traveling with us this tour. Hope you got a little glimpse of what life Is like out there for a Over The […]

Six Days on the Road……

Just talked to J.J., the “Road Master”, and he said he was almost back in OKC…. Thought I would give him a song to listen to next time he hits the Interstates…. It’s another “Wolfbrand Band” track from the 30MAY74 gig (for more info on WB, check the Archives #1 Post)…. Here’s “Wolfbrand Band’s” version […]