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Okla. Rainy Day Fund

A report on the state budget states that we have a $600 Million + “Rainy Day Fund” How much more Rain do we need in this state?. Lets pump some of this back into the state economy. Hire New workers, Start Projects, Help out the laid off and struggling workers of our state. maybe, Oh […]

A True Stimulus Pkg.

OK Chew on this one for a while, Tell Me why it won’t work, and I’ll Check back in a couple of months at all of your comments. This is so simple, that is probably why it won’t work. They want to stimulate the economy. The Package just signed into place by Barock is going […]

Bob Stoops PLEASE GO……

……Somewhere – Anywhere…… As long as it is AWAY FROM Oklahoma!…… As most of you know, I’m not a real big sports nut, but, living in (or being from) Oklahoma, it’s just a natural thing to follow the exploits of the OU football program, even if you’re one of those OSU fanatics, but, for Mr. […]

Death by Misadventure…….

I know Sunn is our official MR Community Coroner, but I think you might find this all interesting….. I just finished re-reading all 56 Short stories and four novels of Sherlock Holmes…. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a great writer….. All of the stories read as if they were written today, not over a hundred […]

One of My Favorite Groups-MR Coroner

This year is getting off to a fast start. It’s happening at an alarming frequency all of a sudden. Buffalo Springfield drummer Dewey Martin dies Feb. 6, 2009, 8:13 PM EST LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dewey Martin, the drummer who helped found the pioneering country rock band Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young and Stephen Stills, […]


( Inspired by Prairie Dog Bob and from a news article by Amy Goodman: “Don’t give up your home without a fight, Ohio congresswomen advises”) When the bank sends you an buy generic cialis online eviction notice ask the bank to show you the “paper”. “Her advice to ‘squat’ cleverly exploits a legal technicality within […]

Ground Hog Day……..

As I am sure everyone is aware of, yesterday was Ground Hog Day……. Well, I decided to see what our local version of the ground hog – the prairie dog – actually did on February 2nd….. So-o-o, I staked-out the abode of one of our local P-dogs…. Let’s call him Bob…… Early yesterday morning, Bob […]