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Happy 100!

Not sure of the exact date, but 1914 marked the birth of the Dodge Model 30, first car put out by the Dodge Brothers. (It had a Shaker Hood, as well as Shaker Seats, Shaker Windows, Shaker Roof, well… you get the idea.) And if you need further proof that real men drive a Dodge, […]

6 Degrees of Jojo

For those of you new to our world, Jek, MR and some others have an annual outing called “Jojo Fest” One of the first ones was in 2007 in Ft. Worth, TX. MR, and Robo drove down from MR Central in what would become known as “The Jojo Mobile” Afterwards I purchased said vehicle. Here’s […]

As I get on the 707….. horsepower!

Well this is enough to make one drool….. Dodge just announced the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat. The numbers look more impressive than the new Corvettes: 6.2L supercharged Hemi with 707hp, 650 ft/lbs of torque, hooked to an 8-speed Torqueflite or a modified Viper 6-speed manual. Styling goodies include a ’71-inspired interior and rear lights, T/A […]

Silent Hogs?……

What’s the most recognized motorcycle in the World? – By design and sound – Harley Davidson, correct?…..  The famous Harley sound and design has been copied by all the top motorcycle manufacturers…..  Well, H-D’s going in a new direction – ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES – Yep, the only thing you hear is the slight whine of the […]

Don’t they do this already?

I’d threaten JJ with the claim that this was an actual product, but I’m sure he sees similar (if not worse) on a daily basis….

OK, it’s sad that I know this….

But thought I’d wish one of MR’s old girlfriends a happy birthday! (I’m pretty sure even he had forgotten this, until I brought it up……) Born 6-4-71, if I’m not mistaken. Hope the old gal’s holding up better than I am, wherever she is!      

“It’ll just be for a little while. Y’know… temporary….

If anyone sees Booker, please ask him to come get his car out of my backyard. I did say he could park it there for a a week or so, but that was a quite a while ago, and it’s kind of in my way….  

Russians find a ’67 Hemi Belvedere in a barn…..

Ok, so I may have misidentified the vehicle at first glance, it’s an understandable mistake. It’s actually a bit more bad-ass than climbing into some dusty Hamtramck steel, turning a key, and blowing a dead squirrel out of an exhaust pipe. What they did salvage, was a Hitler-thumpin’, 152mm howitzer-totin’, Wermacht-squishin’ 50-ton ISU-152 tank destroyer […]

An Open Letter to the Motoring Public.

This is not directed to our little community But to the rest of the world. I know everyone has seen these signs: But how many know what they mean, or what you as a driver your supposed to do? Upon entering a freeway we all encounter these signs, On the right is a Merge sign, […]

Just minding my own business

I was sitting at a long stoplight yesterday, minding my own business, patiently waiting for it to turn green even though there was no on-coming traffic. A carload of bearded, young, loud Muslims, shouting anti-American slogans, with a half-burned American Flag duct-taped on the trunk of their car and a “Remember 9-11” slogan spray painted on the side, was […]

Is it Really that bad?

If we believe the media, “Gas Prices are too High, People are not traveling as much” “The Job Market is the worst it has been since the ’30s And people do not have money” Etc. Well I say that it is BS. Traveling down the highways of our nation, there is more Traffic than ever […]

JoJo Mobile (Ret.)

Well today an era comes to an end. Mrs. J.J. and Myself have officially retired the original Jojo mobile. As those of you who took place in the JoJo Fest in Ft. Worth, TX hosted by Lawman know the 1990 Dodge caravan that MR and Robo brought for transportation AKA the “JoJo Mobile” It was […]

Ironic Isn’t It ?

A couple of weeks ago I was loading at the El Reno, OK Federal correctional facility. While waiting to be admitted into the secure area, I noticed that the guards who driving around the perimeter of the prison were all driving these small SUV vehicles. The Ford ESCAPE


This is a complicated “Muscle Car” term because the definition of it depends on whether you’re a F.O.R.D. (Fix Or Repair Daily) Nut, a G.M. (General Mistake) Bozo, or a MoPar (Chrysler Corp.) Fan (No prejudice here…eh?)….. Ford and GM owners consistently Demean the Dodge Challenger by calling it a ‘Cuda – therefore, they call […]

High way Stories

I was send an e-mail with this little story and song. Thought the community might like it. Any one else have an amusing story about cops, cars, road trips, etc?