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Enjoy While You Still Can………..Exxon

Unbelievable. Exxon Mobil just reported the biggest profit ever for a U.S. company. It raked in a billion dollars a week in pure profit in the July-September period, 58% more than a year ago. I don’t know whether to admire the accomplishment or hurl. Crude prices hit an all-time high during the quarter, which helped […]


I had heard this in the late sixties, but had never heard anything about since…….until now. This is from the News.OK website: A rock-and-roll mystery has finally been solved. For years, record album liners noted Buddy Holly and The Crickets recorded four songs at the Officers Club at Tinker Air Force Base — including the […]


It’s awful quiet out there. You all must be deep in thought figuring out who to elect.

You Say It’s My Birthday……

Yep, MRambler is one year older (and odder) as of today…… I’m not giving out my age, although I’m pretty sure it’s at least one year older than dirt!….. I declare a day of serious R&R for the all in the Community……. Feel free to tell one and all that MRambler gave you the day […]

How To Write A Blues Song

For all you blues aficiandos: