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Darwin Award nominee

We have a new nominee for this year’s Darwin Awards. Via The Seattle Times… The man, who has not been identified by investigators, and another man, age 31, had been drinking and were trying to see who could hang above the interstate from the Olive Way overpass the longest, Seattle police spokeswoman Debra Brown said. […]

International Idiocy…….

In the fifteenth century an English bishop named Reginald Pecock tried to purify the English language by getting rid of words of Latin orgin…….. His idea ran out of popular steam when he recommended such changes as “inconceivable” to “nottobethoughtable.”……….

Know the rules of the road?

Maybe you don’t.  According to a study reported by CNN, about 1 in 10 American drivers wouldn’t be able to pass a state driving test.  Think you live with the worst drivers?  You’re right if you live in the NorthEast or a mid-Atlantic state.  The best drivers?: those in the NorthWest.  That last one surprises […]

Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Windy….

That’s the three types of weather we have in Oklahoma – Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Windy or any combination of the three…… Rain doesn’t factor in because we have so little of it and when we do have rain, it usually is traveling about 35-50 MPH accompanied by a severe thunderstorm or a tornado…. […]

War Solved

The Goverment has announced a new unit The USRAF (United States Redneck Assult Force) The members will be recruited from the southern states (TN, GA, NC, SC, MS, KY, FL AL, TX, LA, and OK) Their mission brief will be as follows: 1. The Terrorists do not belive in God 2. They do not like […]

Our First Prez – G.W.

“Newscreep”, Ah…. I mean “Newsweek” beat me to this post… I had been saving it for awhile and just kept forgetting to post it…… The May 23 issue has an “exclusive excerpt” from a book on George Washington by David McCullough….. The excerpt makes a slight mention of my following “Military Unintelligence” from my WELL, […]

Stock Car Racing?……

Are there any NASCAR fans out there?….Well, you probably won’t appreciate what I have to say, but at least hear me out…… Now, don’t get me wrong, I used to be a BIG NASCAR fan years ago…. But now, I get tired of watching a bunch of different colored melted “twinkes” goin’ ’round and ’round […]

….And they are stupid

“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and […]

Self-Inflicted Stupidity

An anonymous critic once sent a letter to minister Henry Ward Beecher……. The letter contained only a single word: “Fool.”…… No one ever received a better set-up line, and Beecher made the most of it….. “I have known many an instance of a man writing a letter and forgetting to sign his name,” he told […]

Talking Blog Please….

I would like to see one of you “West Coast Seattle Boys (or Girls)” design a talking blog (or if it’s possible to do sound-byte posts tell me how?)….. I have lots of posts I want to make and not enough time in my day to put all of them to paper and pen, although […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Too Smart to Ask

Have you ever met a dumb rocket scientist?….. People always say, “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.”…… Actually, there’s only one job where you do have to be smart as a rocket scientist — being a rocket scientist……. One more thought it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think: […]

Attention – Mr. Smith……

This one’s aimed at all the “Mr. Smith’s” out there….. I saw this on “Hogan’s Heroes” once when Col. Klink was swamped with paperwork….Hogan told him that when he worked in the Penagon and became bogged down in paperwork, he would just attach a note stating, “To the attention of Col. John Smith” and he […]

They Had to Go to School for This?

In 1991, the Boston University commencement speaker admitted that he had copied part of his address word for word from a magazine article……. The speaker was the head of school’s Journalism Department, where student reporters and editors were taught not to plagiarize!……..

Government by the Idiots

In 1999, the CIA sold off twenty-five old lap-top computers……. Then agency managers remembered that agents had forgotten to erase secret data from the hard drives before putting them up for sale……. Nice………

Costco and the Cost of Drugs

This post is actually not mine….. It was came to me by way of Anon (forwarded from one of his friends) with the notation that,” It was something I might use on the Blog”…. I replied to him that he should just post it under his own name and proceeded to explain to him how […]