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Medical marijuana in Oklahoma

Sorry everyone We Know it’s been a while but you know how things go, Life, Jobs, TV ETC. That being said I just had to post this. Here Goes. Morning everyone. Before I start, I’m not trying to start any fights here I just would like to know what everyone’s position is and try to […]

Election 2016 and other hilarity

High everyone, I know, it’s been a while. I personally have been hauling around the country trying to keep ahead of our little terrorist/furbot PDB and clean up after him. What an election cycle huh? Who could have seen this coming? I mean the Donald, I saw Hill Dog from right after the last election. […]

Oklahoma House Bill SJR 68

All my friends who watch TV in Okla. have undoubtedly sen the ads lately about Anheiser Busch having to leave Ok. if the bill passes. So I did a little research ( As all informed Voters should do) Here’s the short version as I see it. If it passes the House and Senate it will […]

Glad to know I’m not alone when I notice nonsensical assertions….

One thing I really hate is when the news ‘reports’ on something that instantly sets off my B.S. meter, and I appear to not only be among the few people that notice something awry, but am actually labelled ‘sexist’, ‘insensitive’, or ‘difficult’ for calling the conclusions into question. Latest example, the perceived ‘wage gap’ between […]

Waco: Part 2

Why? because one needs to know the history of the sect to understand why the events of Feb.-Apr. 1993 happened and why. [Sorry MR this one is a little longer because there is a lot of info that’s relevant] In Early 1955 a Oilfield worker and Seventh Day Adventist from Odessa, TX. Named Benjamin Roden […]

Waco: What is in the past is present. Part 1.

To some of you this subject may be a little bit outdated, and you may well say that “It is in the past and just leave it there“. Well as many of you know this April 19th 2015 was the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. And one of the chief reasons for committing […]

Well, Now What?

Ok the annoying election ads are over for another 2 years. Thank God. I couldn’t afford another TV. ( I was about to pull a Elvis and do some indoor target practice). So that being said, lets see what happens now that the Elephants have control of the big white dome. You want my opinion […]

Ike The Soothsayer

Remember, Ike also warned of the dangers of  an all powerful military.


How Stupid Can You Get?…..

Around 2002, our brilliant Oklahoma lawmakers decided we needed a Dome on our State Capitol…..  Never mind that we were one of only two states that did not have a visible dome on their capitol building…..  Don’t remember which was the other state… Oh, well, we had a dome, which you could see from the […]

All This…..

…..was caused by a friend sending me a pic of a so-called Billboard, which, since I am ex-Army decided to Forward it to my friends as requested…. I don’t usual forward anything…..  Of course, I had to add my two cents worth when I forwarded it……  YES, I got replies!…..  Thought I would share the whole […]

“The Russians are Coming”….

During the “Cold War”, Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical attacks by Russia were a real threat…. The following is a tri-fold, card stock, six page, wallet size pamphlet issued to ALL Army personnel… This is the one I was issued in 1966…. It goes into detail of what to do when an attack is imminent, what […]

Friday, November 22, 1963 -er- 2013…..

It’s almost 50 years now since our Government went down the tubes (My Opinion)……  Where were you (if you were alive then)?……  It’s ironic that the 50 year mark of Kennedy’s Assassination hits on the exact same day of the week…..  My irony in the whole matter was that I was a junior in High […]

Best-selling author Tom Clancy has died at age 66

Reprinted from Yahoo News: NEW YORK (AP) — Tom Clancy, whose high-tech, Cold War thrillers such as “The Hunt for Red October” and “Patriot Games” made him the most widely read and influential military novelist of his time, has died. He was 66. Penguin Group (USA) said Wednesday that Clancy had died Tuesday in Baltimore. […]


After I made the “Wind of Change” Post on 28AUG13 (scroll down a few Posts and you’ll find it), a friend suggested putting it to music in the form of “Imagine” by John Lennon…..  I started it and kind of got sidetracked, but, with what the worthless Yo-Yo’s are doing now – as in shutting […]