Travelin’ with PDB…

Howdy everyone, just shut down for the night in Cuba, MO. What a week it’s been. After swapping with another team in Gila Bend,AZ. we headed back to S. Cal. got stopped and inspected at the CA scales where we got a citation for 1 brake shoe that was too thin. Thats how CS it has become. anyhoo we are headed for Chicago for Monday. hold on someone’s knocking…………….Where the hell have you been?! what is that on your paw? A TATTOO!!! You traded your side arm for what? an i-Phone,! I don’t care if Steve Jobs was a genius! Hit the rack Cpl. yeah I said corporal, the next time you go AWOL you will lose more than a stripe!!!!!

5 Responses to “Travelin’ with PDB…”

  1. If that demoted Furbot is still traveling with you, tell him that he is under orders to report back to MR HQ immediately for remedial training…… Don’t let him softsoap you….. Make him pack his ruck sack and start making tracks for home base- NOW PD!…..

  2. When I woke up this morning Cpl. “Fur Bot” was gone. After I went to sleep he did a google search on San Diego, CA.

  3. If the military is still using San Diego as a ship out point, the little Bozo may find himself riding a camel in the near future…..

  4. I just found a note in the dirt on the back of the trailer it said “Jojo or Bust” and a paw print.

  5. PDB is one bound and determined Tub, that’s a fact…… I’m making a Prairie Dog sized ID Badge, just in case in does show up here….. I hope he enjoys showing it off to his shipmates when we get fed up with his notorious antics he will undoubtably come up with, and we have him shanghaied to Ports unknown by some Navy Seals….. I know a bar in San Diego where they hang out, and, they’re known for their wild antics, also….. I don’t know – He may just talk his way into joining them….. That’s our Prairie Dog Bob… He may end up “An Officer and Gentledog” – Who knows with him……

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