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Smart Thoughts about Stupidity

“Being in politics is like being a football coach”, Senator Eugene McCarthy said. “You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it’s important.”

Low cost music recording gear for a PC

A friend asked me for suggestions on buying a sub $1000 PC music recording system. What I suggested certainly is not the cheapest option, but it should deliver very good results. Steinberg Cubase SL3 — recording software Musician’s Friend has Cubase SL3 for $300. The main reason I like it over Sonar is that it […]


Nope, no mis-spelling…… This is from the liner notes of the album that would be my answer to the old question of,”If you were stranded on a deserted island with no hope of rescue and you had your choice of only one music album to listen to, what would it be?”….. I’d be interested in […]

Penguin Security Check

True story – Saw it today on the news……. It seems even Penguins have to walk (waddle) through the metal detectors at airport security now……. They were removed from their cages and then required to waddle through the detectors on their own….. I must admit it was amusing to watch and I guess they had […]

Stopping a Tornado….

On a previous post entitled Military Unintelligence huskysooner and I discussed some smaller military weapons……. Since huskysooner is the “Weather Dude” of this blog, this question is for him (or anyone who wants to chime in)…… Would a large artillery shell fired into an active tornado cause an explosion that could disrupt the air flow […]

Dumb Things Famous People Said

We’ve got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?……. — Lee Iacocca, automotive business executive

A useful tool

I must admit that this blog is a useful entity not only as a public forum but also as a educational tool. In refrence to my thread on gas I have been enlightened as to the way that the economy works and how the energy policies and procedures are decided and implemented. Who says that […]

Deadly Flu for you?

Why in the world do we still have samples of a deadly flu that was supposedly eliminated over forty years ago?……. It killled over 50 million people in the 1950’s….. …..And, in such quantities that they able to send them to almost every lab (over 4,000 in all) around the world (18 countries including the […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Too Smart to Ask

Is failure a sign of a subpar intelligence?……. For too long people have been telling you that you’re a failure just because you fail…… Don’t let all that negativity get you down…… Failure is a humanitarian response…… If you don’t fail, someone else has to……. Each time you fail, you give them a chance to […]

Military Unintelligence

In 1990 the U.S. Army accommodated its powerful political friends by letting select civilians take target practice on army ranges……. Only cost us $5 million in tax money….. Maybe when the next war starts, the generals could send some of their country club pals over to fight it….. Seems only right to me…..

Another fortune cookie

You must quit procrastinating tomorrow. I don’t write them I just post them.

“I’m so Glad, I’m Glad, I’m Glad”

From an old Cream song….. In my context – meaning “I’m so glad” to see some other people posting….. I was starting to get the Pink Floyd syndrome, wondering “Is there anybody out there”?……. (Besides Jek and I)…… I was about one bar (measure or pub, take your choice) and two E-Flats from shutting the […]

Gas, Why?

Can Anyone please tell me why gas is going up?. I Mean a real, logical answer. I know what all the newsies say and what our Goverment is feeding us, but I was always taught that when you sell more of a product you can offer it at a cheaper price. Most all other consumer […]

A fortune cookie

Don’t worry about money. The best things in life are free.

Ride into an Oklahoma Tornado

I just heard on the news that Steve Green, the guy who built the “Tornado Attack Vehicle”, a Baja type car built to drive directly into a tornado, is offering a ride to the highest bidder on E-Bay…… The latest bid is $121,000…… He’s bringing the vehicle back to Oklahoma for the ride (of a […]