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It Is Halloween!…..

……and a real scary one too!….. I just read in the paper that the Seattle SuperSonics are, as of today, owned by Oklahomans….. Ouch!….. All because the Sonics think they are too good for the Key Arena….. Is that “StupidSonics”???….. Just wait until they get to Oklahoma….. What is that old saying, “The grass is […]

ROUND II: E-QUIZ 4……..Estuary and Maryland

The word “estuary” literally means what? And for fun: People from the state of Maryland are nicknamed…………..? (talk about obscure)

Where Are You?…..

Where’s everybody?….. I know I’ve been attacked by the “Overload Bear”….. That’s an old “Bearing” joke….. Just can’t “Bear it”, but, that has no “Bearing” on what’s going on, etc., etc….. As you can see I don’t have much to say, but I plan to “try” (keyword) to say it more often than I have […]

Where Were You?…..

I caught part of this on the radio on the way to work this morning….. A songwriter, who was a guest on a local morning radio talk show, was talking about a song he had written which had a line in it about being in a disco when John Lennon was shot….. He said his […]

ROUND II: E-QUIZ 3………Nicknames

Every state has had it’s sobriquet. The people of Arkansas are called……..?

Acme – Still Alive and Well…..

There’s a construction project out for a new park in Clinton, OK – The Acme Brick Park….. It’s rumored Wylie Coyote (Super Genius), a life-long customer of Acme products, will attend the dedication ceremonies if he can get clearance from Warner Brothers……

Construction Projects…..

If your idea of a Construction Project is a bunch of Red-necked workers in hard hats with tool belts standing around whistling at passing women, here is some of the terminology I have to deal with in the bidding, construction, and completion of a typical modern Construction Project….. Activity: A discrete part of a project […]

Dylan’s comments on modern recordings

From a 22 August 2006 Reuters story: “I don’t know anybody who’s made a record that sounds decent in the past twenty years, really,” the 65-year-old rocker said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. -and- “You listen to these modern records, they’re atrocious, they have sound all over them,” he added. “There’s no definition […]

ROUND II: E-QUIZ 2 – American History

In the Civil War this term (name) was applied by the Federals to the peace party, supposed to be the covert friends of the Confederates.


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3 Night – Two Day B-Bash (Intro)

…….This doesn’t include pre-bash activities which included proper attire shopping, dining at Bourbon Street Cafe, and hitting the highlights of OKC (about 5 minutes on that one)…… Nor does the 3N-2D include all the journey’s home in four directions out of Austin on Monday….. The first night was the party mentioned by J.J. put on […]

ROUND II: E-QUIZ 1 – Divide a Nation

While MR and JEK are on their road trip, they better come back with some good stories, here is the first quiz of the second round. Divide a nation into parties or set your enemies at loggerheads and you can have your own way. Divide and govern. “Every city or house divided against itself shall […]

Happy 6.0 MR

We had MR’s birthday party last night and A good time was had by all, I had the privilege of meeting lots of persons from MR’s past and hearing lots of good stories from them. Thanks to Jek for inviting me and my wife and hope that you have a great time on your road […]