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What is the common name for the mixture of copper, zinc, and nickel?


I want to be a SNOB!….. I thought about being a wine or beer snob, but I’m not a drinker….. One or two drinks and I’m asleep….. That leaves COFFEE!….. I love caffeine anyway…. I want to be able to do 14 months work in 30 seconds (old Dave Gardner joke)!….. My problem is I […]


What is the name of the giant in the fairy tale “Jack The Giant Killer”?

EDUCATIONAL QUIZZ…..another round…………..Funny bone

Funny bone is a pun on what?

Digital Cameras

I’m looking into purchasing our 1st digital camera, I need from all my technical friends what in your opinions is the best buy for the money, I don’t want to have to mortgage the farm, and is the easiest to use and download off of. Your recommendations please.

Hollywood a No-No……

Is it just me or have new movies hit an all-time low over the last few years?…… The plots are either extremely lame to the point of “Have I seen this before?” or “Who would front the money to make such a stupid movie” or so complicated that after you’ve seen it once the first […]

Yea Indy

Way to go Indianapolis 29-17 I hate Chicago

EDUCATIONAL QUIZ (again) Taxes #2

OK, something a little harder. Peter The Great taxed what part of the human anatomy? A little decorum in keeping with our high standards…please.

EDUCATIONAL QUIZ……………Caligula's Horse

Caligula had a horse. He made it priest and consul, It had a manger of ivory, and drank wine from a golden goblet. ( this was before AA) What was the Horse’s name?

So you wanna drive?

What a week I had. I left OKC @ 1530 PM on 1-29, Bound for Colo. Springs, CO scheduled for 0800 Tues Morning. I arrived there @ 0400 AM and was woken up at 0600 after just falling asleep so they could break the seal and start unloading( So much for a un interrupted 10 […]


Caligula, that beloved Roman emperor, like other imperial leaders, needed more revenue for his whatever. He decided to tax married couples for the ……… .. …….? (congress may want to think about this one)

Strange Business……

This is one of those things that I’ve wondered about for quite some time and just can’t figure out…… You would think that the biggest business’s in Oklahoma would be in horses, cattle, or oil production, but, it would appear not….. Almost every other commercial on local TV and radio stations are from new car […]