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In Honor of the Most Human Cat….

I ever knew…..  I received the sad news from Jek today of Holstein’s passing….  Any of you, and there are a few, who remember Jek’s childhood dog, Lucy, Holstein is, at this moment, sitting right next to Lucy discussing their likes and dislikes of Master Jek…..  They were both more human than a lot of […]

Hard Day’s Chord……

Obscure Musicology 101 – Another good one from Anon….. The first chord of “A Hard Day’s Night” – Never thought of it much, other than it was pretty cool and kicked the song off great… After finding out how it was done and that John, George, and Paul are ALL playing different parts on that […]

Happy Chinese New Year!…..

I woke up this morning to a weird smell coming from the kitchen…..  I found PD Bob busy at work making a mess….. Somewhere he came up with some Water Buffalo Ribs that he had been cooking in barbecue sauce all night long….  I think he actually expects to serve them for dinner today….  He’s […]

Only in the Great Northwest……

Here’s another snapshot that Anon sent me….. It was originally titled, “So much for that Global Warming/Endangered Species claptrap!!!!”, but, I know the inside story…. Whitey the  Polar Bear is merely being a good citizen and is offering the pedestrian on the passenger’s side of Whitey’s Ford pick-up a ride (Yes, Polar Bear’s can get Driver’s […]

Jimi “Snowman” Hendrix…..

Anon sent me this pic of Jimi Hendrix’s statue that’s located in downtown Seattle…..  Some ingenious pranksters turned Jimi into a snowman……  The other pic is one I took years ago without the snowman disguise…… Bottom Line: Don’t become a ground level statue if you can’t stand the attention….. ——————————————————————————————–

Bill Moyer Is Back On PBS

Bill Moyer is back on PBS, “Bill Moyer And Company” ….Sunday nights at 6:00 here in Seattle. His first show was an interview with Hacker and Pierson about their new book “How Washington Made The Rich Richer – And Turned It’s Back On The Middle Cl a ss”. It didn’t happen by accident. Glad a […]

MR Rock Coroner 01.11.12

Our offices have just learned of the death of Jim “Motorhead” Sherwood on 25 Dec 2011. Fans of Frank Zappa will know Motorhead as the head roadie, equipment handler, eventual Baritone Sax Player, and Teen Heartthrob When he was not hustling groupies. On the back cover of The 1968 Album “Were Only In It For […]


Here at MR Central Headquarters it is 2012…..  It is just barely 2012 by a minute or so – Oklahoma (CST) Time…..  I noticed the Blog’s log clock shows it’s an hour or so into the New Year – I guess it’s set to Eastern Standard Time – In any case, all of you West […]