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Remember This?……

I was working on a job estimate and ran across this in the job specifications…… I wonder if they still think there’s a chance of a problem from the Y2K bug seven years after the fact, which really ended-up not being that big of a problem in the first place?…… “Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance: Computer […]

We’ve got “New Blood”…..

…… in the MR Community…… An old friend who goes by “Izard”….. We welcome him and try to be nice, at least at first!…… Again, we welcome you, Izard, and look for your first post and any comments you have to contribute to our little piece of the universe…… If you have any questions don’t […]

Music Trivia 05.27.07

I’m Back. Heres a long one. 1971 saw the teaming up of two musicians on the big screen. Racing across country But filmed mostly in Oklahoma, Name the movie, what were these two musicians names? Extra credit, What were the two cars,(2pts) what other movie did one of these cars star in,(2pts) What was the […]

EDUCATIONAL QUIZ………Gulliver's Travels

What was disagreement between the Little-endians and the Big-endians that led to the war between the Lilliputians and the Blefuscudians?


One of the things I miss most about Seattle is Tim’s Cascade style potato chips. I’ve regularly had them in Boulder/Denver, and our local Albertson’s carried them for about a week here in central OK. My dear wife brought back from Border’s tonight two snack-size bags of Tim’s. Awesome! I know they can be ordered […]


May 14 came and went and I missed it. I missed celebrating C.A.L.E.A. Day. That is the day that broadband and Voice over Protocol providers must be in full compliance with the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. The law aims to create an instant switch to turn on and collect data about suspicious […]

Sorry ‘Bout That…..

I’m referring to the lack of posts lately on my part…… I’ve had an serious illness in the family and things have been quite turned upside down lately….. Now that all has seemed to stabilized somewhat I plan to get back into the groove….. At least, that is the plan……. Of course, any posts from […]


In music, the lines which lie above or below the staff.

Happy Birthday Jek.

Happy Birthday


For you English buffs…..What is the diminutive of corn?

Music Trivia 05.06.07

What Master was accused of “Too Many Notes”?


What is the name of the bridge which connects the palace of the Dodge with the state prisons of Venice. “Over this bridge the state prisoners were conveyed from the judgement hall to the place of execution.” If you watch Rick Steves on PBS you should know this one.

THIS IS NOT A QUIZ but I'd like to know what this instrument is.

This was in today’s paper: “The ‘ hand clapping’ on the backbeat of the Supremes tune ‘Baby Love’ is actually the sound of two-by-fours attached with strings, which someone jumped on to create the noise.” Anybody ever played one of these?