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MORE Merry Christmas……

Merry Christmas to all, and, to all a “Good Day, eh?”…… I am enjoying Christmas in the Great NorthWest in Jektown….. I hope everyone is having as cool of a Christmas as I am….. No reason to say more than that….. “I can say no more” (Help!)……

Merry Christmas ’07

Merry Christmas to all of the Community. Looks like we made it through another year (No thanks to all of the Loobies in the world) and are looking forward to a happy and prosperous ’08. Hey at least we will be rid of dubya soon. So as we say on the 2way. Have a Merry […]

Music Trivia Points FINAL

After careful tabulation with my abacus and beads and using the Gregorian calender I present the final totals for the Quarter and the Year. These Have been Ran thru the Hal 9000(What are you Doing Dave?) and TRS 80 Super Computers and certified by the accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. The Quarter: 1st […]

It’s Gettin’ Close…..

…. and I’m way behind….. I don’t know if I can get away with blaming the weather, but, I’ll give it a shot….. Not only was I without power for a full week, two days after OG&E replaced the downed lines and had everything up and running, I had power spikes and loss of power […]

Music Trivia FINAL

OK Friends this the one that you have been waiting for, The final Music Trivia Quiz for 2007 and probably for good. I really don’t have time to keep up with it, and it seems that after a couple of days interest is lost in each quiz so I appreciate each and every one of […]

Frozen In…..

Back to the above ground electric lines….. Here, in Oklahoma, they are on the ground…. Over 600,000 customers without power, which includes yours truly since Sunday night around 10 pm….. That’s households and businesses, not people…. You would need to multiply by 2 or 3 or so to get a ballpark figure on the number […]

DID YOU KNOW……….Probably……..Shopping days until Christmas

You may have more time than you think. Christmas day was driven back to Dec. 25th from Jan. 6th by Julius I when he changed the calendar in 1752. Jan. 6th was Christmas day under the reformed calendar of Gregory XIII …reformed 1582. Christmas Decorations: The great feast of Saturn was held in buy viagra […]

MR’s De-Evo Final Points Up-Date…….

Here are the Final Points Standings for the first round of MR’s De-Evo quiz’s….. Looks like the J-man came out on top, followed close by Izard, and Jek lost his Third Place standing to Anon by non-participation in the last few quiz’s…. J.J. – Forty-Two Point Seven (42.7) Points Izard – Thirty-Four Point Six (34.6) […]

What’s that smell at Spamalot?

Earlier this year I went to see the Spamalot musical. What a hoot! When we first walked in the theater, there was this smell. Salisbury steak? Bacon? DUH! It was fried Spam!! What a crazy thought. Here was our fancy theater serving fried Spam sandwiches. Fortunately a friend snapped a pic. As for the musical […]