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Book Reoprt Neil Young Special Deluxe

I just finished ( for the 2nd time) Listening to Neil read his newest chapter in his foray into being a author. Many of you know (and some agree) that Neil Young has never done anything that I did not like, and this book is no exception. As he starts off he prefaces that this […]

Silent Hogs?……

What’s the most recognized motorcycle in the World? – By design and sound – Harley Davidson, correct?…..  The famous Harley sound and design has been copied by all the top motorcycle manufacturers…..  Well, H-D’s going in a new direction – ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES – Yep, the only thing you hear is the slight whine of the […]

How Stupid Can You Get?…..

Around 2002, our brilliant Oklahoma lawmakers decided we needed a Dome on our State Capitol…..  Never mind that we were one of only two states that did not have a visible dome on their capitol building…..  Don’t remember which was the other state… Oh, well, we had a dome, which you could see from the […]

Well, It’s Here……

Yep, We were having snow last week, now that it’s April, we’re looking at mid 80’s today, along with severe weather…..  It started last night, but, the big stuff is supposed to be here late this evening into the night……  Our severe weather is like a Vampire – Loves to strike in the dark of […]

The One Thing……

……We don’t have in Oklahoma, Thank God, is Mudslides……  Sorry to hear about the huge one just North of Seattle……  I think I would rather be sucked up in a Tornado than squashed and suffocated by tons of gooey Earth……  Our hearts go out to the community in Washington, and, I’m not making fun of […]

61 Earthquakes……

Since Friday!……  Yep, here in Oklahoma…..  Only a few of them were strong enough to be felt, in the 3 to 3.5 region, but, 61 of them?…..  We never used to have Earthquakes until about a year or so ago…..  So now we have to not only worry about being blown away from the sky […]

Sitting and Waiting……

We’re under a Blizzard Warning from now until 8 am Tuesday (tomorrow) Morning, BUT, I’m not worried about the Blizzard, and, I’m not sitting and waiting for the snow and 35 to 50 mph winds that accompany a Blizzard – I’m just sitting and waiting for the ELECTRICITY to go off just when I desperately […]

If It’s Not One Thing…..

It’s Another…..  We finally got all the big fires out in Oklahoma….  We sent them to the West, including Washington state….  Sorry ‘Bout that!…..  I would say you Northwesters’ should move to Oklahoma where all the ground is already burnt, but, we have a much deadlier enemy now – West Nile Virus.….  The worst outbreak […]

Oklahoma’s Burning!…..

Not only do we have to deal with Tornadoes, Wind Storms, Hail Storms, Ice Storms, and Blizzards, in the past two years we have added Fire Storms!…..  We haven’t been under 100 degrees since July 17th…..  This past week we had two days at 111, Two days at 112, and set the all time hottest […]

I Wonder?……

….How many of those millions of people on the East coast that have been without electricity for a week might now agree with my outlook that ALL electric lines should be buried?…..  Hu-m-m-m, just a thought……  I also wonder, although I know the answer, how many politicians in Washington D.C. went without power for more […]

Only in the Great Northwest……

Here’s another snapshot that Anon sent me….. It was originally titled, “So much for that Global Warming/Endangered Species claptrap!!!!”, but, I know the inside story…. Whitey the  Polar Bear is merely being a good citizen and is offering the pedestrian on the passenger’s side of Whitey’s Ford pick-up a ride (Yes, Polar Bear’s can get Driver’s […]