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United Airlines, You Chap My Hide

All seemed normal: my flight to Denver made it on time. My flight to OKC was on time according to the board. Then an announcement that our flight was going to contain passengers destined for Tulsa AND we were actually going to stop in Tulsa! My 1-stop trip to OKC now turned to a 2-stop […]

Say it Ain’t so, Pete!

Are the Who Done? What About Neil? Damn, two of my favorites. Was the Who’s 12-minute performance during the Super Bowl halftime show in Miami its last? If the ringing in Pete Townshend’s ears gets any worse, it just might have been. Townshend told Rolling Stone that he suffers from tinnitus – a painful ringing […]


“You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves.”

It’s the King’s Birthday…..

B.B. King’s that is…… The Beale Street Blues Boy was born in 1925 and still going strong….. Listen to some Blues today…….

It’s President’s Day…..

We need a new one……

Ringo’s Star…..

No, it’s not a typo – Ringo Starr now has his own personal star on the celebrity walk in Hollywood…… This makes him the third Beatle on the walk….. John Lennon and George Harrison already have stars…. I think they were awarded posthumously….. It’s the only reason I can think of that can explain why […]

NFL Half Time: The Who

I just have to ask why “The Who” and not some hip hop rap crap band.

It was 46 years ago Today…..

…..That the band who would become “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” set foot on American soil for the first time….. February 7, 1964, The Beatles started their first American tour, which, changed American pop music forever…… John, Paul, George, and Ringo – the Moptops who became the guru’s of music in my generation, and, […]

February 3, 1959…..

Yeah, I know February 3 was yesterday, but I thought Sunn might post this as he is our official MR Rock Cornier…… February 3, 1959 has come to be known as “the day the music died”, and, someone “drove their Chevy to the Levy” or something like that….. It was the day Buddy Holly, Richie […]

It’s “Prairie Dog” Day!…..

……So says Prairie Dog Bob, and, he did NOT see his shadow, so, it’s going to be an early Spring…… PDB says that the term “Ground Hog” is a derogatory slang term for the noble, intelligent, handsome, and strong Prairie Dog….. Don’t ever call PDB a “Terra Hog”, at least, not in his presence…… PD […]