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Election 2016 and other hilarity

High everyone, I know, it’s been a while. I personally have been hauling around the country trying to keep ahead of our little terrorist/furbot PDB and clean up after him. What an election cycle huh? Who could have seen this coming? I mean the Donald, I saw Hill Dog from right after the last election. […]

It’s PD Bob’s Day!…..

Most people call it Groundhog Day, but, PD Bob claims his great, great, great, great, granddog Fred started the whole thing…..  I was going to argue the case with him, but, decided it would be much more peaceful around here if I just let it drop…..  S-o-o-o-o, HAPPY PD BOB DAY!…..  Enjoy…..

PD Bob’s Holiday Party…..

Yep, He’s out of control again!…..  Him and his new buddy – Rein-ear Ducky (Jek sent him from Seattle), borrowed my Debit Card, hit the local liquor store and decided to make themselves some Harvey Wallbangers…..  (The fire extinguisher is there for safety reasons)…… This is the result: 1. Gathering of all the ingredients: 2. […]

Sir P.D. Bob and Sir Oscar…..

I was beginning to worry about what had happened to our two semi-favorite Furbots…..  Apparently, they have been in England and have done something extraordinary for the Crown…..  They crawled their way in about 2:00 am this morning, wearing medals and sashes of honor…..  Whether they actually earned/deserved them is another matter entirely!…..  They demand […]

It’s New Year’s Eve…..

2012 is about to go bust……  PD Bob and Oscar, although still on Lock-Down, are planning a night on the town, with or without my permission….  I told them I would release them around 6 pm, IF and ONLY IF, they didn’t mess with any of the MR Community’s parties or plans…..  If you see […]

Christmas Chaos….

Yep!…  PD Bob’s back and with his new sidekick, Oscar the Cat….  After months of hearing rumors and short messages from the elusive Furbot, they show up late Christmas Eve at MR Headquarters – Tired, Cold, Hungry, and Dirty (as in SMELLY dirty!)…..  Jabbering at over a 100 miles per hour about all the places […]

Big Thanks, PD Bob!……

…..Another six weeks of Winter, Although, in the condition PD Bob was after all his partying and carrying on, I really doubt if he saw his shadow or not…..  Still, He had to get his due :

PD Bob Day Tomorrow!…..

Just a little advance warning – PD Bob’s all excited and on the loose!…..  He may show up at anyone’s house (and I do mean Anyone’s)……  He’s been on the phone, the computer, making packages – you name it, He’s up to it!….  More on this story tomorrow – If MR Headquarters still exist…….

Happy Chinese New Year!…..

I woke up this morning to a weird smell coming from the kitchen…..  I found PD Bob busy at work making a mess….. Somewhere he came up with some Water Buffalo Ribs that he had been cooking in barbecue sauce all night long….  I think he actually expects to serve them for dinner today….  He’s […]

Travelin’ with PDB…

Howdy everyone, just shut down for the night in Cuba, MO. What a week it’s been. After swapping with another team in Gila Bend,AZ. we headed back to S. Cal. got stopped and inspected at the CA scales where we got a citation for 1 brake shoe that was too thin. Thats how CS it […]

A Tough Decision…..

…..That needs to be made SOON!….. Over the past few months, I’ve had 233 User Registration Requests, The same number of E-mail complaints because I turned down THE (as in one) author of the requests, and, lately, I have awoke to onion juice and pepper soaked notes pinned to my pillow stating, “I WANT TO […]

PDB’s At It Again….

I found PD Bob hangin’ out at a local swap meet….. He had been, as he called it, researching the local inhabitants….. He was disguised as the gopher from “Caddyshack”….. I had to pay a buck to get him back….. I don’t know if it was worth it or not…. He claims he picked up […]

P.D. Bob’s Weather Antenna….

I would’ve Posted this sooner, but, there was this visit from Jek….. He proceeded to re-invent my computer and reorganize everything!….. As soon as he left MR HQ, P.D. Bob decided he didn’t like any outsider (to him) messin’ about with the layout of things – so-o-o, he promptly reorganized everything to his liking….. Needless […]

It’s “Prairie Dog” Day!…..

……So says Prairie Dog Bob, and, he did NOT see his shadow, so, it’s going to be an early Spring…… PDB says that the term “Ground Hog” is a derogatory slang term for the noble, intelligent, handsome, and strong Prairie Dog….. Don’t ever call PDB a “Terra Hog”, at least, not in his presence…… PD […]

Whereabouts Unknown…..

…PDB has gone missing!!! He disappeared sometime while I was in the Great NorthWest….. When I returned MR HQ was totally ram-sacked….. I found the following sketch lying in a dark corner…… I’ve been so busy checking all his known hangouts, phoning any and all of his connections I know, and so far no PDB….. […]