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A neat bit o’ weird history…

You can beat a dead horse, but you can’t always beat a dead rider. Ever hear of Frank Hayes? No? Here’s the skinny: On June 4, 1923, jockey Frank Hayes took off through the gates at Belmont Park on Long Island. He and his horse, Sweet Kiss (a 20-1 shot owned by Miss A.M. Frayling), […]

Thunder Sonics……

Lost AGAIN!!!….  I think the Thunder Sonics have been taking lessons from Bob Stoops and the OU Football team…..  They have a great team during the regular season – Get in the Playoffs – Turn a 0-2 start into a 4 game winning streak getting them into the Finals….  Then they revert to their childhood […]

XXX Olympics 2012

It would probably be more enjoyable if it were the Triple X Olympics instead of the 30th. But I Digress. I heard this morn on the news that a basketball player could not practice because of an injury, Come to find out, the player who plays with the San Antonio Spurs is playing for the […]

MR Coroner 11/08/11

Our office has just been alerted of the death of boxing legend “Smokin’” Joe Fraiser. From the “Thrilla in Manilla” to the “Fight of the Century” in Madison Square Garden, Joe was one of the most dynamic sports figures in the 1970’s.

The home of the BRAVE

I was listening to Eggman the last 2 days and the topic of choice is the controversy surrounding the singing of the National anthem at Sooner games. Now it has been over 30 years since I set foot inside Owen Stadium for a game but I hear the new thing is at the end of […]

Seattle Strikes Back?……

It’s long lost history concerning the Seattle Sonics ending up being the Oklahoma City Thunder, but, here’s the latest rumor from the sports section. OKC’s arena football team, the Yard Dawgz, is rumored to be headed to Seattle….. OKC officials claim it’s not true…. We’ve all heard that one before….. If this comes down, I’m […]

Noodling Around……

Hollywood comes to Oklahoma, again….. There’s been lots of parts of movies, and, even complete movies like “Twister” made in Oklahoma, but, I don’t know if they’re on the right track with this one or not…… They’re already here and filming in Pauls Valley, a small town on I-35 south of Oklahoma City….. The movie […]

Musicial Coaches…..

As most of you know, I don’t follow sports that much, but, it seems to me that there was an extraordinarily huge number of firing and hiring of coaches – both college and pro – this year….. Has the “WIN or you’re outta here” philosophy kicked (field goal – 3 pts.) in or what?…… I […]

Bradford’s Injury

Since I got home at 1300 today the top story on the news today has been the injury of The OU Quarterback Sam Bradford. Ok lets get some perspective. There are Thousands of soldiers serving in wars all over the globe. The president is proposing a Socialized Health Care Plan. A burgular was shot and […]

Bob Stoops PLEASE GO……

……Somewhere – Anywhere…… As long as it is AWAY FROM Oklahoma!…… As most of you know, I’m not a real big sports nut, but, living in (or being from) Oklahoma, it’s just a natural thing to follow the exploits of the OU football program, even if you’re one of those OSU fanatics, but, for Mr. […]

Flip a Coin……

Well, Oklahoma City stole Seattle’s basketball team, and, now the State of Oklahoma is sending in ground troops in the form of OU football players and fanatic fans for an assault on the University of Washington’s stadium….. I heard they had orders to bring the stadium back with them!…… Rumors?…. Maybe….. With my Seattle connections, […]

OU Beats OU……

Yep, there were 22 men on the field, all with the same goal in mind…… It was OU/Colorado vs OU….. Both OU‘s offensive and defensive lines took a short trip to the Bahamas, or maybe it was a 4 quarter long “Starbucks” (or “Seattle’s Best”) break…… Oh, sorry, they were playing in Boulder not Seattle….. […]


I know most of this community aren’t into sports, but I found this quote interesting: “And if nothing else, we can say that Bonds is truly the greatest steroids hitter in major league history. I know, I know, that’s a stupid statement, satisfying to no one… but then again, as Chuck Klosterman pointed out rather […]

It Is Halloween!…..

……and a real scary one too!….. I just read in the paper that the Seattle SuperSonics are, as of today, owned by Oklahomans….. Ouch!….. All because the Sonics think they are too good for the Key Arena….. Is that “StupidSonics”???….. Just wait until they get to Oklahoma….. What is that old saying, “The grass is […]


It’s getting close to that time of year again….. Baseball’s already into the season and football’s cranking up now….. I thought it might be interesting for everyone into sports (or not) to pick the winners – The World Series – College National Football Champions – Superbowl Champions….. A friend of mine who’s into sports picked […]