Travelogue 10/25

Good morning all. Today finds us in beautiful smoggy, downtown Ontario, CA. It’s still dark here I am ready for summer to come back. Don’t like the short days, I definately am not a fan of getting up in the dark. Anyhoo, we have 2 stops this morning out here in the LA area, then it’s off to ?. To try to answer one of Anon’s questions, the topic of conversation mostly is about the economy, and the upcoming elections. Most are hoping that Obama will be defeated, but really don’t like any of the Republicans. I tend to agree.

7 Responses to “Travelogue 10/25”

  1. How is Ontario, CA, J.J.?….. I am going to be there the 7th and 8th of November visiting relatives of Jek’s – along with Jek, of course…… Unfortunately, the days are going to continue to shorten until around December 21, J. – Just turn on your BRIGHT LIGHTS and “Keep On Truckin'”…. BTW, have you seen anything of the little Furbot?….. Haven’t had a word from PDB in a while – You didn’t do anything mean to him, did you?…… (Even though he probably deserves it)…..

  2. Ontario is just a typical american overpopulated city. It’s close enough to downtown LA, to be too close. know what I mean?. it is mainly industrial, and also the home of Auto Club speedway. But in my industry it is known for the only decent truck stops in the LA area!. It has an international airport also. as for attractions, I don’t know of any. As for PDB, He caught up with us in Amarillo, TX. for a while he was on his best behavior until about an hour ago. while we were going thru the scales at Oceanside he noticed that we were across the fence from Camp Pendelton, he grabbed his pack and sword and said something about Quadaffi’s son and “Semper Fi!”

  3. J.J.

    You are our eyes and ears to the nation. Keep the reports coming.

  4. Ouch! O-o-w-ch! Mr. J., Sir, do you have a First-Aid kit in your big truck?… That Razor wire is SHARP!….. I’ve had enough of Camp P….. Will catch up with you shortly….. A sewing kit would be nice too, and, maybe a little snack…… Covert Operations are very tiring……

  5. PD Bob – What a disappointment you are!….. I should take one of your stripes….. We have a complete Military Operations Manual Library here at MR HQ….. I personally taught him (I thought!) how to negotiate Booby Traps and Hazards… Apparently, he thought he knew it all and didn’t pay attention….. A little OJT too much for you, PDB?…. (Ha!)….. Enjoy the “Healing Experience” (He-He!)…. Don’t help him too much, J.J., He needs to learn his lesson…..

  6. I would think that PD Bob is small enough to go around and though razor wire with out to much difficulty guess his brain is small to.

  7. Remember the “Big Block” vs “Small Block” theories from the car show days?…… PD Bob has “Tub Adjust” problems similar to “He who should not be mentioned (Booker)”…..

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