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Don’t feel lonely – We are 6.5 Billion

The Earth’s human inhabitants are estimated to have reached 6.5 billion people at 7:16pm ET this previous Saturday.  Evidently more than 2 times as many people are born each second than die.  Here are two articles on the milestone : an MSNBC article mentions how populations are growing where growth can least be afforded and […]

Skiing in Germany

Randalf asked in a previous post how skiing differed in the German Alps.  Well the main difference I found was with the view. (That first picture is from the top of Jenner in Berchtesgaden.)  The alps are absolutely beautiful and quite more jagged than the Cascades that I’m used to.  It hadn’t snowed in a […]

Computer Industry Versus Auto Industry

For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives, read on. At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would […]

FZ Free-Zone (Almost)……

No, you can’t get Frank Zappa recordings for free in OKC, you can’t find them (almost)…. A friend asked me to do some guitar work on a version of “Montana” he did and I couldn’t find my CD copy of “Over-nite Sensation” anywhere (My Vinyl copy is in storage and would probably take months to […]

No History

This is a reprint of a commentary in the Oklahoma Gazette Feb. 8. 2006 I thought it was Bloody Hilarious! There’s no history like no history By William W. Savage Jr. It’s much ado about nothing, this flap over Senate Bill 982 and whether its passage last year by our state Legislature really means kids […]

Old Rockers

Seems like there are already lots of rockers here at MRC.  Well, rest assured you are not alone.  Check out this article: The fantasy rocks on.  It appeared in this week’s Pacific Northwest Magazine.  Here’s an excerpt: THERE SHE SITS, leaning against the bed, beckoning me to caress her supple neck and curvy body. She’s […]

Calling in Sick

I lost all rational thought to control orderly bodily movements


MRambler jumps for joy after winning Olympic Lead in the “Why the Hell am I still in Oklahoma” competition….. MR attributes his record breaking victory to premeditated procrastination and sheer dumb stupidity….. “The competition was really tough” stated MR and he would like to thank his sponsors – “JekTarn Hiking Supply” of Seattle, WA for […]


We have this white stuff all over the ground here in Oklahoma, I’m scared what is it?

New Blog Header……

What, no comments (other than Anon’s) on the new blog header?…… It took a lot of work to make a decent looking community out of this bunch of registered posters (that includes yours truly)……. I am open for comments, suggestions, hate mail, etc……. The more posts you made (not comments) determined how close you were […]


I found this cool t-shirt in Santa Fe last week. I’m not an Apache, but a card-carrying Choctaw. Still, I sort of identify with these four “dudes”. My people signed the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek and shuffled off to OK. I guess Mississippi wasn’t worth fighting for. And as for the date, Columbus wasn’t […]

John Prine…….

I heard from a friend that John Prine won something at the Grammy’s, but I didn’t get any details….. If he did, it’s about time, he’s been a favorite artist of mine since his first album in the ’70’s….. If anyone knows the details, I would like to be filled-in….. I don’t watch much TV […]

You too can upload images

Registered users can now upload images for use in posts.  You too can upload images such as this: Just follow the “use images in your post” instructions in the Help section under the calendar to your left.  As for the image in this post: those hats are all the rage on German ski slopes.

Be a Border Patrol officer (in Oklahoma)

Yes, you heard right, the Border Patrol is running ads on local radio for officers…… I thought, well, they must be for use in Texas where the Mexican border is, although, I feel it had moved into Oklahoma years ago (see my post I don’t want to live in Mexico )……. The same night after […]

The Seperation of Business and State

An Idea brought up in the last post “The Price of Tea…” Some of you have said that if we shift the current power base from the Rep’s to the Dem’s etc.. Rather than take that subject thread another direction. I would like to hear from you about how we could possibly separate big business […]