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27-27 Again!…..

Remember my Post on the Hendrix Strings back on 28JAN11 – $27.27?….. Well, those numbers are back again!…. Our band, Terraplane, have been working on a limited edition single with one original, one cover song, and a bonus track from 1976…… As you can imagine, these were all recorded at very different times….. After all […]

Japan – 70 Years Ago?…..

This is to give you a little insight into how MR’s brain works….. I know, there’s lots of short circuits and blown fuses in there….. Most of you should know by now that I’m a history buff, and, that I believe by having a knowledge of history, we, (as in all human kind), could and […]

It’s Time, Time, Time…..

We all get to “Time Travel” one hour into the future, well, it’s not really time travel, but, we do “Spring Forward” and lose an hour until next Fall (huh?)…..  What a pain, resetting all your clocks, including that uncooperative internal body clock – that’s the one that gives me the most trouble….. A little […]

This is our Future in…..

Entertainment?….. I just ordered “Murder by Death” from, a movie with Peter Falk in it to go along with all my “Colombo” videos….  The other Peter (Sellers) is also in it , along with quite a cast…..  As a “FREE Gift”, they included a “Video on Demand” version of the same movie!…..  Not a […]