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Beatles Covers

With all the Beatle talk of late, I looked around for something Beatle-y and wacky and found this fun post: Sgt. Pepper Across The 8th Dimension.  The author compiled an interesting cover-version of Sgt. Peppers. The most surprises are toward the end: John Denver’s version of “When I’m Sixty-Four” is quite good. The Big Daddy […]


A confession of sorts

Hypothetically speaking, what would you all do to a person who appreciates the contributions of The Beatles to the musical canon but *just*doesn’t*like*them*? Hypothetically speaking, of course. George is my favorite.

Anything for a (Beatle) Buck-Part 2

All I can say is “Money Can’t Buy You Love”. However, I have stayed at a Holiday Inn. THE Beatles may have wanted to hold your hand, but now you can hold one of the Beatles’ hands. As part of Bek Devlin’s World’s Greatest Shave, she is auctioning off a signed George Harrison framed hand […]

Anything For A Buck!

Wonder if Lennon himself would endorse this or be rolling over in his grave? John Lennon seance live on pay-per-view LOS ANGELES, March 13 /PRNewswire/ — On April 24, 2006, an historic event will unfold on iN DEMAND Pay-Per-View television as famed psychics around the world conduct a seance to contact John Lennon. John Lennon […]

E-QUIZ 4: Smugglers of Wiltshire

I turned this question around to make it harder….should keep you busy for awhile. online cheap viagra “What was the name given to the smugglers of Wiltshire and extra points for ‘why’.”

E-QUIZ 3: Mutton-Eating King

Who was the “mutton-eating king”? ( OK jj, here ya go)

Shel Silverstein

Remember Shel Silverstein? He was the guy that wrote some of the lyrics for Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Anyways, if you’re a fan, here’s a cool link that animates some of his writings. Then pick high or low bandwidth and then pick “Shel’s Books” and be prepared to be amused…..

Water or Coke?

Luckily, I mix my alcoholic beverages with either water or 7-Up. jek, let us know if this another urban legend that I fell for. This is really an eye opener. We all know that water is important but I’ve never seen it written down quite like this before. WATER 1. 75% of Americans are chronically […]

HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray

BetaMax was a better technology for video tape, but it wasn’t enough to save it

Educational Bits

Language and Culture. Here’s a practical one we can all use: “LOOBY” A simpleton. (Welsh, llob, a dolt.) I plan to use it a lot on the freeway. Also found on Google.


We’ve just reached 2 milestones at MRambler Central….. This is Post #201 putting us over 200 Posts and we’re also setting on 1,001 Comments…… That’s a lot of Jaw-Jacking…… Keep it up and Thank You……

It’s Mid-August Here….

I truly believe Global warming is a fact….. We have serious calendar slippage here…. We’re going into the sixth day straight with temperatures above 90 degrees…. Yesterday it reached 98 (a new record and 26 degrees above normal) in the OKC area (100 and above at other locations) and the wind was blowing out of […]

Where Do You Want To Live?……

Over the years, my job took me to many different cities around the U.S…. I found five locations which are much more desirable than my current location of the Oklahoma City area…. New Orleans was on the top, but I dropped it due to the recent damage…. I don’t think they’ll have it up-to-snuff anytime […]

E-QUIZ 2: Holy Water Sprinkler

I have decided to end the EDUCATIONAL QUIZ because after much research I cant come up with anything that Google cant find making it far too easy for any serious quiz. ( I did find one that Google didn’t know. Google did come up with something but it was the wrong answer. It’s kind of […]