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Desert Island Hardware

Huskysooner covered the music now it’s time to say how you are going to listen to the music. J.J. has said a 8gb ipod nano. I’d like to know how he planes to recharge the batters. Maybe if you had only albums you could use a hand crank vicktrola with acostic horn for amplucation?  Just remember if […]

Desert Island Songs.

Sorry Huskysooner for stealing your idea and racing to outer space with it, but well you know 🙂 Also Robo gave me sort of an idea with his list. If you were stranded on a Island with only a 8gb ipod nano ( I think that’s the smallest one) For entertainment, What Music/Audio files would […]

Happy Valentine’s Day…..

…as long as you’re NOT in Oklahoma right now…. It’s 28 degrees and we have freezing fog…. There’s vehicles everywhere – in the ditches, upside down, downside up – They’re all over the roads too, but not moving….. Oh, Yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day….. The funny thing – if you want to call it funny– is that […]

Desert island music

I think each person on here fancies themselves a musical aficionado. Typically, “Top X” lists are pretty silly (e.g., the Rolling stone top-100 guitarists list we discussed sometime back), but…. It would be cool to hear peoples’ lists of desert island albums. As to arbitrary ground rules, I’m thinking top-10 albums/CDs. They can be double-albums […]

Truth in Advertising?……

Bought this Mini-Me “Seedless” Watermelon at the market…..  Notice anything funny about the labeling?….. ——————————————————————————————–

Big Thanks, PD Bob!……

…..Another six weeks of Winter, Although, in the condition PD Bob was after all his partying and carrying on, I really doubt if he saw his shadow or not…..  Still, He had to get his due :

PD Bob Day Tomorrow!…..

Just a little advance warning – PD Bob’s all excited and on the loose!…..  He may show up at anyone’s house (and I do mean Anyone’s)……  He’s been on the phone, the computer, making packages – you name it, He’s up to it!….  More on this story tomorrow – If MR Headquarters still exist…….