It’s New Year’s Eve…..

2012 is about to go bust……  PD Bob and Oscar, although still on Lock-Down, are planning a night on the town, with or without my permission….  I told them I would release them around 6 pm, IF and ONLY IF, they didn’t mess with any of the MR Community’s parties or plans…..  If you see them and they are acting up, Report them to MR Headquarters and we’ll probably not be able to do anything about it!…..  Sorry, those two are a handful and then some……  Anyway, everybody have a Happy New Year and see you in 2013……

2 Responses to “It’s New Year’s Eve…..”

  1. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t planning on going out for New Year’s Eve as the water has been off here at MR HQ since around 2 pm….. I called maintenance and found out that the City had the water off to do some repair work….. It’s now almost 6 pm and the water is still not on…… Although I can’t prove it since I was gone when the water quit, but, the most likely suspects seem to be PD Bob and Oscar….. They’re hollering at me now to let them out since it’s almost 6 pm….. They’ve been happy as larks the past few hours, laughing and jabbering non-stop….. I guess I’ll have to turn them loose on the unsuspecting public here in a few minutes, unless I can come up with some proof that they somehow managed to breakout of their room, sabotage the water system, and then sneak back in…. Be on the alert because they might just show up when you least expect it!……

  2. I did let PD Bob and Oscar out a little after 6 pm….. The water came back on about 30 minutes later….. Hmmmmm….. Coincidence?….. Luck?…. Fate?…. I don’t think so….. Be on your guard…. They’ve had two days to cook up all kinds of mischief…..

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