It’s “Prairie Dog” Day!…..

……So says Prairie Dog Bob, and, he did NOT see his shadow, so, it’s going to be an early Spring…… PDB says that the term “Ground Hog” is a derogatory slang term for the noble, intelligent, handsome, and strong Prairie Dog….. Don’t ever call PDB a “Terra Hog”, at least, not in his presence……

PD Bob and I watched that, as PDB called him, “stupid, dumb, and over-rated #%^&#@ Hog” in Poxi-whatever-tony, PA say that he saw his shadow meaning six more weeks of Winter….. Our local weatherman pointed out that it was impossible for him to see his shadow as it was cloudy and snowy all the way from Maine to Oklahoma….. The shadow he saw was from all the media lights….. DuuH….. No wonder he sees his shadow every year!…… PD Bob immediately started planning a mission to visit this “Rat in a Prairie Dog suit” and straighten him out horizontally……

Anyway, dig out your copy of “Ground Hog Day” (sorry, PDB, but that is the name of the movie), and give it a watch…… I’ve got PDB looking for my copy right now…… He’s doing it, but, keeping mumbling something about animal profiling, and how can anyone call a PD “Dog” a G “Hog”?…..

4 Responses to “It’s “Prairie Dog” Day!…..”

  1. I think the name “Boss Hog” would be an appropriate new name for PDB.

  2. I don’t think you had better mention that to PDB….. He would go for the “Boss” part – It’s the “Hog” part that would be a tough nut for him to swallow….. It’s the G-Dog reference, and, brings to mind “Boss Hogg” of “The Dukes of Hazzard”, although, PDB has pretty much the same proportions as BH, he considers myself much smarter….. If PDB would have been in control of Hazzard County, those Duke boys would’ve taken the big fall and spent the rest of their lives bustin’ walnuts on PD Bob’s chain gang, while PDB was crusin’ ’round the county in the “The General”…..

  3. As for one who has to drive around in all this winter crap I Hope that 1. PDB goes to PA and places his well trained secret opreative paw right up side That oversized Rats face (“Boot To The Head”) and 2. goes to all the networks and shows them all what a real forcaster said about “6 more weeks”. Heres hoping that fat rat in PA chokes on Anon’s black cheeto.

  4. Don’t worry, J.J., PDB has “Plans”, which, by the way, includes obtaining a sample of Anon’s black cheeto in order to make a “Killer” of a Harvey Wallbanger that he will force down Poxa-G-Hog-Taney’s gullet….. Unfortunately, it seems as if the “Rat” was right about the weather – It’s still going on and on and on and on, etc., etc….. eh?…….

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