It’s PD Bob’s Day!…..

Most people call it Groundhog Day, but, PD Bob claims his great, great, great, great, granddog Fred started the whole thing…..  I was going to argue the case with him, but, decided it would be much more peaceful around here if I just let it drop…..  S-o-o-o-o, HAPPY PD BOB DAY!…..  Enjoy…..

2 Responses to “It’s PD Bob’s Day!…..”

  1. Did Mr. You know who, see his You know what?

  2. Mr. J., I’m sorry to say, he was out in the sunshine and snow Sunday making snow-dogs in it!…… He said he hopes everybody has lots of warm clothing, 8-wheel drive vehicles, and a nice WARM place to hole up in with lots of heating fuel, gas, whatever, for an extended period of time ’cause it’s gonna be cold and nasty outside!……

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