Happy Chinese New Year!…..

I woke up this morning to a weird smell coming from the kitchen…..  I found PD Bob busy at work making a mess….. Somewhere he came up with some Water Buffalo Ribs that he had been cooking in barbecue sauce all night long….  I think he actually expects to serve them for dinner today….  He’s prancing around, proud as punch with himself, so I guess I’m going to have to try them, no matter what…..  I’m calling him “Buffalo Bob” now….  I don’t even know if they have Water Buffalo in China!….  Anyone want to come for dinner?……

8 Responses to “Happy Chinese New Year!…..”

  1. I think those are Caribou ribs.

  2. Caribou – Sharibou – Buffalobou…. I think they all end up spelling indigestion, BUT, PD “Buffalo” Bob is bound and determined that I’m going to Pigabou out on them…..

  3. That’s why they make Tumms.

  4. Besides Christmas is over Santa won’t need his raindeer for almost a year.

  5. PD”B”B, cooking? this has bad written all over it!

  6. Come on over, Mr. J…… Plenty of leftovers just for you……

  7. Knowing Mr. J. he likes elephant ribs.

  8. Robo:I don’t know if I am supposed to take that as a compliment, or just a statement of fact? I prefer Pork Ribs Myself. Speaking of Ribs someday I will post the story of how Myself and P.L. and Nancy closed the BBQ restaurant down.

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